Wednesday, December 30, 2009


You can say what you want about George W. Bush, but he kept us safe on our soil.  He and his administration foiled several terror attempts overseas, but kept us safe here at home.  In less than a year, there have been 12 attempts here at home, at least that's the number we know off.  I can't believe the stupidity of this administration, including our Fuehrer how they handle these attempts.  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know what to do.  I won't even go into detail here, as I know you readers feel the same as I do.
Here is this guy the administration knew about, and they even knew that he was beeing groomed to perform an attack on us.  Napoleano said, oh just come on over, I'll be happy to give you a visa, and no one needs to check you.  Then there is little old me, grandma, leaving Atlanta after Christmas and get a full body check because my knee brace went off.  Not that I mind getting checked, hey, after dozens of trips you get used to it, but the reality of it is, it don't make sense. The new rules don't make sense either:  no blanket, book, anything on your lap the last hour of any flight.  Why aren't they getting it?  The security starts on the ground, with intelligence that is intelligent enough to know who's a bad guy. 
Mr. Obama, go back to the golf course, you are not capable of keeping me safe.

Afterthought:  as I am browsing through some of my earliers posts, I came across this:
Clearly, they want to keep us in the dark and keep on doing the wrong strategy.  I think national security needs to be one of our tea party rants, besides health care and everything else. Is there anything they can do right?  This government leaves me breathless, there is no end in sight what we have to fight, daily.


  1. Your right, national security needs to be a tea party rant. Plus, maybe fire Eric Holder. Our government is too busy worrying abour us patiotic Americans being so called threats to be able to focus on the real threats to our security. What a bunch of morons.

    I had a sweater on leaving Long Island after Chrismas and I got the pat down also. It was okay. I know there just trying to keep us all safe. My planes rules must have been somewhat laxed.

  2. I haven't felt safe since that clown took office, and that sense of insecurity in my own country has only grown since then. This man is a disaster and a disgrace. I miss President Bush more than words can express.