Thursday, July 30, 2009


Although an otherwise cool, rainy summer for us here in Michigan, today was the perfect day for a rally. Several groups organized this rally at the corner of an upscale shopping center. The location provided great exposure and hundreds of cars came by honking, waving flags, thumbs up to support us protesters. There must have been at least 1000 of us. It was awsome and uplifting to comingle with all these great Americans. Surprisingly, there even was some media present. Only two obnoxious, belligerent motorists came by. The signs people made were amazing, one of them was a casket with a body in it, of course, you know what that was about. This rally actually took place less than a mile from our district congressman, Gary Peters. I wonder if he came and took a peek, I hope he did.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I've often said Rahm Emanuel is the Enforcer, Axelrod the Brain and Obama the Teleprompter. But Emanuel is not just the Enforcer, he has a brain as well. We don't see the Enforcer and the Brain very often, but when you watch closely they both always sit nearby when Obama is holding a conference or making a speech.

Rahmbo, or the way Hannity calls him so lovingly, the deadfish, is the son of a zionist terrorist father who belonged to the Irgun terror group. Here is an interesting article on his father and Rahm's early years.
Rahm was an Israeli citizen until he was 18 years old, when for obvious reasons he hid his Israeli passport in his underwear drawer. In 1991, however, he pulled his Israeli passport out and went and reportedly joined the Israeli Army to defend Zion from Saddam's Scuds.

It's been said that in his very early years Rahm took ballet lessons, kind of hard to imagine.

Rahm served 3 terms in the US House and in between was a partner in a Private Equity firm where he quickly earned 16 Million before Clinton appointed him a seat at Freddie Mac. Little is known that the mortgage crises happened on his watch, and for his short stint as director at Freddie Mac he received stock options totaling $ 380,000. The private equity firm in which he was partner merged with another firm in which he is now a quiet partner holding shares. This firm switched from Financial Services to Health Care Services recently. He's a limited partner of that fund, meaning he's invested capital into that group.  Additionally, he's actively enabled several private equity and hedge funds access to state pensions for large sums of capital.  What do you think he gets in return?  Major money.  And if Obama's health care bill gets passed, the sky will probably be the limit for him and who else?

I just came across this posting by LL which compliments everything I've found and said so far about Rahm and the Chicago politics.
The Chicago Way = The Obama Way

I believe it is Rahm that strong arms the members of Congress, I believe it is Rahm that advises Obama how to handle situations, I believe it is Rahm that has longterm ambitions, maybe even to be the next President. The only thing that I don't understand is the way Obama treats Israel and Rahm just stands by and accepts that? This is a subject that needs further investigation, maybe in my next blog? There is just something dark and evil about this man that makes me shudder when I see him.

Now to Axelrod. Ironically, don't you think he looks a little bit like Hitler? He's jewish, so there can't be a connection to Hitler, but his idealogy which is the same as Emanual's and Obama's points to dictatorship like Hitler. He was mostly raised in New York by a left wing newspaper journalist mother and got involved in politics early on because he believed in Idealism. He started his career as a political writer and later formed a political consulting firm. He ran many important campaigns, many for black candidates, before he became the primary political consultant for Barrack Obama. At that time those two had already known each other for a long time. He is the one that crafted the Obama campaign as one of "Change".

Axelrod is credited with implementing a strategy that encourages the participation of people, a lesson drawn partly from Howard Dean's 2004 presidential campaign as well as a personal goal of Barack Obama. Axelrod explained to Rolling Stone magazine, "When we started this race, Barack told us that he wanted the campaign to be a vehicle for involving people and giving them a stake in the kind of organizing he believed in. According to Axelrod getting volunteers involved became the legacy of the campaign "[22] This includes drawing on "Web 2.0" technology and viral media to support a grassroots strategy. Obama's web platform allows supporters to blog, create their own personal page, and even phonebank from home. Axelrod's elaborate use of the Internet has helped Obama to organize under-30 voters and build over 475,000 donors in 2007, most of whom were Internet donors contributing less than $100 each.[23] The Obama strategy stood in contrast to Hillary Clinton's campaign, which benefited from high name recognition, large donors and strong support among established Democratic leaders.

Pasted from:>

And what has Obama done? He wrote 2 books (did he really write them?) and he kept himself busy as a community organizer before he won a Senate seat. He voted present on all votes and he only served in the Senate for less than a year. Not much experience, compared to his two main men. But, he knew how to handle the teleprompter, he has a presence that appealed to many and with the support of the Enforcer and the Brain, he won the election.

Obama still can't talk without his buddy the teleprompter and I am sure all the trouble he's getting us all into originate with Rahm and Axelrod, that's why I believe it is these three that are running the country, Chicago style. Based on their combined experiences and socialist and marxists beliefs, their goal is to defeat capitalism in this country and maybe even around the world. Just my two cents.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Talking Points

Health Care Bill: Con or Great Thing?Friday, July 17, 2009
By Bill O'Reilly

America needs to change the health care system because regular folks are getting hosed. There's no question about that. Greedy insurance companies and insane medical charges have made it impossible for millions of Americans to protect themselves against disease. That cannot stand. We have to fix the problem.

President Obama's vision is a giant federal apparatus, funded primarily by affluent Americans. That's not going to work. The expense is simply too great. Punitive taxation will not be able to pay the bills, and the USA could very well go bankrupt, just as California has.

So what do we do? Let's run it down. The Senate Health Committee has passed a bill with every Republican on that committee voting against it. That would force all Americans to enroll in a health insurance plan or face tax penalties. The government proposes to subsidize American families making up to $88,000 a year. That would cost the feds more than $1 trillion over the next 10 years.

To pay that enormous sum, Mr. Obama wants to raise taxes on Americans making more than $280,000 a year. The tax increase might top out at five percent for millionaires, raising their overall income tax rate to 45 percent, the highest since 1986. But even raising taxes that high on the affluent wouldn't pay the total health care costs. Thus, the federal deficit would grow even larger, putting the nation's financial system at great risk.

The plan, of course, fits into President Obama's vision of redistributing income, transferring money to those less well off. In effect, wealthy Americans paying the bills for non-wealthy Americans.

But there is another way, if Mr. Obama cares, which he may not.

In Switzerland, where I visited a couple of weeks ago, every citizen by law has to have health care insurance. But the government doesn't pay. This citizen himself or herself pays, but the government regulates the insurance industry to make sure there's no gouging and premiums are fair. If a Swiss citizen can't afford to pay, the government provides. About 19 percent of Swiss are in that category.

The key to reforming in the American health care industry is oversight on costs, punishing frivolous lawsuits against doctors, mandating that hospitals charge according to government guidelines. Also, setting up clinics for the poor, where they can go to be treated free of charge. That's doable and wouldn't bankrupt the nation. It allows the private system we have in place to continue, but prevents exploitation and price gouging. Every state has medical boards right now. All they have to do is police costs and any violation could result in a loss of license.

And that's "The Memo."

My own thoughts soon to follow........

Thursday, July 16, 2009


The Health Care drama continues. It's actually starting to annoy me because it's taking too much of my time and energy, but maybe that's because too much is being thrown at us all at once and fighting the government is becoming part-time job.
Today my husband received an updated medicare card. It only took us a few minutes to figure which of his 3 medical cards was being replaced. Imagine you need 3 cards to see the doctor or check into the hospital, that's just one person. Changing his policy this year from regular Blue Cross to Medicare took a lot of time, studying, phone calling and after a few mistakes and re-do's we finally got it figured out. This is just Medicare. Now look at this chart that Leader Boehner posted yesterday. This is what Government run health care would look like:

That's all I could think of, this chart, after the new card arrived today. The confusion and chaos we, the American people, would have to go through to get any medical services will be unimaginable. This can't be happening, it's a nightmare.

Now look at what we have now, well, at least most of us. This is how I like it, I have MY doc, MY hospital, MY drugs at no one can tell me otherwise. I agree, however, some reform has to be done. The cost of health care has gone through the roof and I know there are good solutions out there. Too many qualified smart people in this country have offered solutions, they just are not being allowed to be heard. So, we continue the fight until they will get their say.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Below is an email from a fellow Twitterer, in fact one of the most active and accurate person I've come across. She shared some valuable informatin here. Please call your Reps and Senators to fight this madness:

Our President wants this done this week. We must contact our representative and senators daily for the rest of this week in opposition to what the President is attempting to ramrod through this week in Congress. Here is a useful contact info link to do so:

Just two days ago it was acknowledged that more time was needed in Congress to confront health care. The prior schedule was before the August recess.

Now the President has returned after his sight-seeing trip and has "put us all on notice" that he heard alot of "chatter" about health care in his absence and there will be no excuse for not getting this done. Translation: Approval numbers falling, it's now or never.

Below are some links for easy reference, including a letter signed by Blue Dog Democrats against universal health care.

There is also a petition from that Bill Bennett has been promoting. To date, it bears over 300,000 signatures. Please sign this and send it to your contacts.

This is a link to a list of Blue Dog Democrats that have written a letter against govt. Health care. I am looking for a list of contact information with all their stuff in one place. I may have to create it myself. In the meantime, these folks will be under great pressure to cave on their positions and will be bribed just like the reps in the House were on Cap and Trade.

Here's the Blue Dog Coalition. You can call 202.225.3121 (switchboard) and ask for the congressman you want! Please call the all more than once. It doesn't matter that they aren't from your state. No doubt they will take calls from around the country.

Here is a link to Senate Blue Dog Democrats with contact: Concise with senator's contact info. This is a link to Democrat Senate plan with fines, etc.

Here is a link to an article quoting Majority Leader Steny Hoyer: No one would vote for ObamaCare if they read the bill

This is a link to the list of taxes Democrats propose to pay for health care.

SGP: Excellent Resource for HealthCare info Senate Dems' Health Care - use this (PDF) RNC research

Cap/Tax and Health Care info: AmSol: , Heritage:

Please folks, make your calls, send your emails and forward this email to all your contacts. We must push this back this week.

CAP and TRADE - will be back on the front burner shortly.

An important article, lengthy, but invaluable.
CBO’s Latest Cap and Trade Analysis - Increase taxes of $872.8 billion for years 2010-2019

Cap/Tax and Health Care info: AmSol: , Heritage:

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Progressive Utopia

Looking at this cartoon I really don't see anything funny. It is actually very scary because I believe we are currently treading in level 4. Every step on this picture tells the story just as it stands today. Notice that I posted info on the Cloward Piven strategy in my next article.

Barack Obama and the Strategy of Manufactured Crisis

Please read this article that I found on American Thinker. It is amazing to think how the american people could have been fooled for so long, because this situation has been coming for a long time. We Americans have been asleep and I hope its not too late to wake up.

Barack Obama and the Strategy of Manufactured Crisis

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Friday, July 10, 2009


This stuff kids don't learn in school or college today. Textbooks have been rewritten to further the goal of statists and liberals alike. So many of us slept or skipped History and Social Science classes when we were growing up, not realizing that we really need this knowledge now. But who thought that someday someone would come along and try to turn this great country around, who thought that anyone would have the nerve to ignore the fundamental words of the Constitution. The better we understand the words of our founding fathers, the better we will be equipped to fight this battle against socialism/marxism or whatever anyone decides to call it. I came across this site that is trying to install some basic history in all of us. I try and read a little bit every day, I, like most, have still so much to learn.

Copy and paste this link into your browser bar

Hopefully you will find this interesting and join the group.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


It's up to the Senators now to vote on Health Care and Cap n Tax. A recent article by the EPA stated that the carbon emmission issue is a hoax. As we all know, cap n tax is just that, a huge tax (Key phrase), so let's call them, again, and tell them NO NO NO.

They are debating who to burden the most with additional tax on HC, now is the time to call them and say NO NO NO to HC, tell them "let the free market determine our healthcare" (Key phrase).

Here are Michigan Senators Levin (LyinLevin) and Stabenow (Stabintheback) info to call, write, email. Please, go at it now:

$174,000 6-year terms expire:
Carl Levin (D) 1/2015
269 Russell Senate Bldg, Washington, DC 20510
DC Phone=(202) 224-6221 Fax=(202) 224-1388
Warren Phone=586-573-9145 Fax=586-573-8260
Detroit Phone=313-226-6020 Fax=313-226-6948
Debbie Stabenow (D) 1/2013
133 Hart Senate Bldg, Washington, DC 20510
DC Phone=(202) 224-4822 Fax=(202) 228-0325
SE Michigan Phone (313) 961-4330

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Forms of Governments

A very educational video, a must see to understand the history of governments.