Thursday, July 16, 2009


The Health Care drama continues. It's actually starting to annoy me because it's taking too much of my time and energy, but maybe that's because too much is being thrown at us all at once and fighting the government is becoming part-time job.
Today my husband received an updated medicare card. It only took us a few minutes to figure which of his 3 medical cards was being replaced. Imagine you need 3 cards to see the doctor or check into the hospital, that's just one person. Changing his policy this year from regular Blue Cross to Medicare took a lot of time, studying, phone calling and after a few mistakes and re-do's we finally got it figured out. This is just Medicare. Now look at this chart that Leader Boehner posted yesterday. This is what Government run health care would look like:

That's all I could think of, this chart, after the new card arrived today. The confusion and chaos we, the American people, would have to go through to get any medical services will be unimaginable. This can't be happening, it's a nightmare.

Now look at what we have now, well, at least most of us. This is how I like it, I have MY doc, MY hospital, MY drugs at no one can tell me otherwise. I agree, however, some reform has to be done. The cost of health care has gone through the roof and I know there are good solutions out there. Too many qualified smart people in this country have offered solutions, they just are not being allowed to be heard. So, we continue the fight until they will get their say.

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