Sunday, May 30, 2010


From the I-Caucus opposition research team:

Carly Fiorina’s ad characterizing Tom Campbell as a wolf in sheep’s clothing has, with the findings of recent days, become the epitome of hypocrisy. Mrs. Fiorina’s ties to the deep left and her position on boards of international organizations promoting ‘global governance’ provide lots of hard evidence that she is in fact that 'demon wolf'. As an example, Carly Fiorina is on the board of the Vital Voices Global Partnership, a very left-wing organization.
 According to “Among the many leftist organizations funded by the Arca Foundation are…. Vital Voices Global Partnership” Also listed are The Tides Foundation and ACORN. She is also a board member of the World Economic Forum ( Soros, Andy Stern and Van Jones are contributors to those organizations) and has given talks in that forum pushing ‘social and economic progress’. However, the blatant hypocrisy pales in comparison to the cloaked left-

H/T to Jessica Singh

Thursday, May 27, 2010


I was happy to read this article in the Washington Post today because it is mentioning the candidate that I am supporting, Rocky Raczkowski.  But I was also happy to read this, because it is confirming that the number of Tea Party people is still growing.  It was the little guy that helped Obama win his election with small amounts, now it will be the little guy that will help our candidates for the November election.  The more they are ignoring us in Washington, the more little guys will come out of the woodwork and send in small donations, this time to GOP or tea party candidates
Here are some excerpts from the Washington Post article and what Rocky Raczkowski had to say:

In suburban Detroit, for example, 70 percent of the $450,000 raised by Republican House candidate Rocky Raczkowski has come in checks of less than $200.

"We have our own MoveOn dot Rocky," said Raczkowski, who is competing in the GOP primary and hopes to face freshman Democratic Rep. Gary Peters. "These aren't rich people, they are just committed -- and angry."

Raczkowski says auto-industry layoffs in his district have prompted people to do something about politics but denied them the ability to give much money. So they are supporting his campaign platform of small government by giving small bills.

"It's overwhelming," Raczkowski said, recalling a grandmother from Waterford, Mich., who wrote him a check for $5 after he answered her question at a gathering of local "tea party" supporters. "She said, 'I wish I could put more zeros after that, but I'm living on a fixed income.' "

Feel free to read the entire article here: You may have to register to be able to read all of it.

Please note also, that Rocky is a people vetted and people endorsed candidate through the Independence Caucus, You can visit Rocky's website at and offer your help or donate. 

Monday, May 24, 2010


Some people tend to believe what the MSM wants them to believe, others have a tendendy to find things out for themselves.  As a member and delegate for the  Independence Caucus,, I like to take advantage of their research team and find out the real scoop about current candidates and incumbents. Fiorina currently holds board of trustee positions at the World Economic Forum, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company and MIT. She also is director at Revolution Health Group and part of the board for Cybertrust
With the early primary approaching in California, people are now watching the race between Fiorina and DeVore.  It  goes without saying that I will support DeVore. He is icaucus endorsed and whatever the far left wants to pin on him is nothing more than typical left behavior.  It is interesting to watch the race between him and Fiorina.  She received the endorsement from Sarah Palin, which really surprised me.  I am a Palin fan, but think this time she didn't do her homework.  

Here are some things I recently found on our research team's site:

Fiorina’s interest in the democratic process is apparently newfound.

She has voted in only one out of every four national, state and local elections since registering to vote in 2000 in Santa Clara County.
Fiorina neglected to vote in two presidential primaries, a gubernatorial election, the 2003 recall of Governor Gray Davis and the last election for U.S. Senate.

She is a member of the World Economic Forum. . and the Schwab Foundation.  The World Economic Forum believes that the voice of Labour is important to dynamic dialogue on issues of globalisation, economic justice, transparency and accountability, and ensuring a healthy global financial system. The Forum engages regularly with the Labour Leaders Community, comprised of heads of leading global, regional, national, and industry-specific labour and trade unions around the world. To name some other prominent members of this association and people she associates with are: John Kerry, Al Gore, Valerie Jarett, George Soros, Van Jones and Andy Stern, to name just a few.

Fiorina currently holds board of trustee positions at the World Economic Forum, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company and MIT. She also is director at Revolution Health Group and part of the board for Cybertrust.

I am just a simple homemaker, but it seems to me that belonging to these of kind of organizations does not represent a commonsense constitutional conservative such as we find in Chuck DeVore. Is she a RINO at best?

Please check back here often as I will post more information on Carly Fiorina.


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sunday, May 16, 2010


What exactly is social justice? At first sound, it could mean many things.  Social, I consider myself to be social, but haven't really equated that word to "class" or "class of people".  Justice, in my mind has to do with the law or being fair.  But that is not what it really means. American Thinker did a great blog on that.

The term "social justice" is now commonly used by leftist activists, clergy, educators, judges, and politicians to describe the goal they seek to achieve with many of their policies. No precise definition of "social justice" is ever offered by the left. Instead, the term is always used in a vague way -- as if everyone already knows, or should know, what the seemingly well-intentioned phrase "social justice" means.

So, what exactly is "social justice?"

Social justice is the complete economic equality of all members of society. While this may sound like a lofty objective, what it really means is that wealth should be collected by the government and evenly distributed to everyone. In short, social justice is communism. It is rooted in the Marxist idea that the money people make, and the property they own, do not rightfully belong to the people who make the money and own the property.