Sunday, May 30, 2010


From the I-Caucus opposition research team:

Carly Fiorina’s ad characterizing Tom Campbell as a wolf in sheep’s clothing has, with the findings of recent days, become the epitome of hypocrisy. Mrs. Fiorina’s ties to the deep left and her position on boards of international organizations promoting ‘global governance’ provide lots of hard evidence that she is in fact that 'demon wolf'. As an example, Carly Fiorina is on the board of the Vital Voices Global Partnership, a very left-wing organization.
 According to “Among the many leftist organizations funded by the Arca Foundation are…. Vital Voices Global Partnership” Also listed are The Tides Foundation and ACORN. She is also a board member of the World Economic Forum ( Soros, Andy Stern and Van Jones are contributors to those organizations) and has given talks in that forum pushing ‘social and economic progress’. However, the blatant hypocrisy pales in comparison to the cloaked left-

H/T to Jessica Singh


  1. Anonymous30 May, 2010

    Vital Voices Global Partnership also is funded by the Carnegie Corporation who also filled the coffers of the same kinds of left-wing organizations including National Council of La Raza. Interesting that the latter organization which pushes amnesty for illegals has contributed to Barbara Boxer’s campaign. So one must ask, in what way does Mrs. Fiorina consider herself conservative? Or, if you have a chance to ask her, how is she different than Barbara Boxer?
    Vital Voices Global Partnership also is funded by The Streisand Foundation. You may say, “So what?” These three left wing foundations don’t contribute to organizations that are not in line with their agenda.
    The blatant hypocrisy of her anti-Campbell ad pales in comparison to the cloaked left-leaning agenda hiding in a republican nominee. This is very scary. What has happened to the Republican Party?

  2. This is great additional info. It sounds like Vital Voices is far far left. If she gets the nomination and wins, she won't be any better than Boxer. What a tragedy. People, please pass on this blog and comment.