Thursday, May 27, 2010


I was happy to read this article in the Washington Post today because it is mentioning the candidate that I am supporting, Rocky Raczkowski.  But I was also happy to read this, because it is confirming that the number of Tea Party people is still growing.  It was the little guy that helped Obama win his election with small amounts, now it will be the little guy that will help our candidates for the November election.  The more they are ignoring us in Washington, the more little guys will come out of the woodwork and send in small donations, this time to GOP or tea party candidates
Here are some excerpts from the Washington Post article and what Rocky Raczkowski had to say:

In suburban Detroit, for example, 70 percent of the $450,000 raised by Republican House candidate Rocky Raczkowski has come in checks of less than $200.

"We have our own MoveOn dot Rocky," said Raczkowski, who is competing in the GOP primary and hopes to face freshman Democratic Rep. Gary Peters. "These aren't rich people, they are just committed -- and angry."

Raczkowski says auto-industry layoffs in his district have prompted people to do something about politics but denied them the ability to give much money. So they are supporting his campaign platform of small government by giving small bills.

"It's overwhelming," Raczkowski said, recalling a grandmother from Waterford, Mich., who wrote him a check for $5 after he answered her question at a gathering of local "tea party" supporters. "She said, 'I wish I could put more zeros after that, but I'm living on a fixed income.' "

Feel free to read the entire article here: You may have to register to be able to read all of it.

Please note also, that Rocky is a people vetted and people endorsed candidate through the Independence Caucus, You can visit Rocky's website at and offer your help or donate. 


  1. It just goes to show that cash even strapped constituents know a good candidate when they see him. Go Rocky!

  2. Small donations can really add up faster than people think! I encourage everyone to support their local candidates...not many people would really miss $5 !