Thursday, January 28, 2010


Ads are appearing on Craig's List in major US cities to pay people $ 24,000 to stop Glenn Beck and others like him from spreading lies.
How low will they stoop? 

Madam Pelosi is sending out begging letters to her dem followers asking for a minimum of $ 2.00 to help with her health care program.

"We don't quit. I don't quit."

Those were the words of President Obama last night.
They are also the motto of Democrats -- we don't quit.
Let's send the strongest possible message to President Obama that Democrats across America aren't quitting. We stand united. January 31st marks the first FEC deadline for Democrats since the State of the Union and the Massachusetts special election. Republicans, the media and the pundits will try to use our fundraising totals as a measure of the Republicans' momentum. We must have a strong showing.
Please help us beat our goal of $100,000 by midnight tonight -- my fellow Democrats in Congress have agreed to give $2 for every $1 you contribute.
Thank you for standing with us and for never giving up.
Onward to victory.
Nancy Pelosi
Speaker of the House  
Paul Begala also recently sent out a letter on behalf of the DNC begging for $ 5.00 to help the cause. 
Here is an excerpt of Begala's cry for help:
Do you hear that pop-pop-popping sound off in the distance?

The good news is, it ain't gunfire. The bad news is, it's corporate lobbyists and their Republican lapdogs popping champagne corks and dancing on what's left of the Constitution.
They're celebrating the Supreme Court's decision to allow giant corporations to spend unlimited amounts of money to target any member of Congress who dares cross them.
It's no exaggeration to say the very foundation of our democracy will be under attack once the tidal wave of corporate money floods into campaigns on the side of Republican candidates.

Now is no time to throw up your hands. In fact, I say it's time to throw a few elbows.

We will not accept this outrageous Supreme Court decision lying down. That's why I've committed to helping recruit 25,000 new grassroots Democratic members before President Obama's State of the Union Address Wednesday night.Renew your 2010 Democratic membership from the DCCC at the special rate of $5 and show the world that Democrats support strong, immediate action to block powerful corporate lobbyists from hijacking our democracy.
More than 75% of the DCCC's revenue comes from grassroots supporters like you. So, your support is more important than ever. You're our only hope. We will never be able to match corporate America's billions.

Get this: for less then ten percent of Exxon's 2008 profits, it could spend $10 million on every congressional race in America.
And that's just ten percent of one company's profits for one year. Truly, the right-wing Supreme Court wants to put our Congress, our country, our very freedom on the auction block for the highest corporate bidder. And the far right wing of the Republican Party intends to be wielding the auctioneer's gavel.

The Court's radical decision, overturning decades of settled law going back to Teddy Roosevelt, held that corporations can draw unlimited amounts of money from their general treasuries and spend it on "issue ads" to attack any candidate who challenges them.

Renew your 2010 Democratic membership from the DCCC at the special rate of $5 and show the world that Democrats support strong, immediate action to block powerful corporate lobbyists from hijacking our democracy.
For example, imagine that AIG executives may now take some of the billions in tax-payer funded bailout funds they received and target with a torrent of attack ads any Democrat who challenges their obscene bonuses.
With absolutely no limit on their ability to spend money, oil companies, big insurance companies and powerful Wall Street banks will easily spend hundreds-of-millions of dollars trying to drown out the voices of the American people.

Make no mistake, our freedom is under fire. Thank goodness it's not from machine guns. But as we say in Texas, a lawyer with a pen can steal more in a minute than a criminal with a gun can steal in a lifetime.
But, we can fight back.
Renew your 2010 Democratic membership from the DCCC at the special rate of $5 and show the world that Democrats support strong, immediate action to block powerful corporate lobbyists from hijacking our democracy.

Thank you,
Paul Begala

P.S. We need to recruit 25,000 2010 members in the next 48 hours to show the world Democrats are standing up for middle class America against the powerful corporate lobbyists. Renew your 2010 membership today.
 It is really becoming nauseating and pathetic to watch them.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


by Florida4Obama

 I know you are all going to tell me that I am crazy for being so upset by this, but I have to spill my heart somewhere. I am horribly upset by the fact that a dirty, tea-bagger type Republican, is going to be sitting in Ted Kennedy's Senate seat! I just cannot bring myself to believe it! How could this nasty person win a race like this? I tell you that this election should be protested! Voter fraud should be looked into, and the Secretary of State should not certify the results! Ballots were pre-marked for Brown! I wonder how many votes were STOLEN yesterday! I made 250 phone calls yesterday to voters, and the majority of them were Coakley supporters. I cannot imagine that she lost the way they are saying! Read more here

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


A letter from a Ga pastor sent to me from a Massachusetts friend :

Among certain “Eastern” religious people, it is believed that one must discover who he is by first discovering who he is not! I believe the present American political and social scene lends itself to this analysis. Finally and thankfully, a whole lot of Americans are discovering what they stand “against!”

While my words may offend some, I am absolutely truthful when I tell you I have been gagging on the putrid stench coming from the elected President and his Democrat cronies in Congress! It should be obvious to any senseable and concerned American that there has been, and continues to be, a calculated “death-toll” on American capitalism, patriotism, and human decency as based on our Christian value system. Many of you, like myself, already knew what we stood against, but finally the silent masses of Americans, have begun their “gagging reflex” to all the putridness emanating from Washington! It seems that there is in fact a solid majority of Americans who realize we have been lied to and are being led down the most dangerous political road America has ever traveled, and unless we change course…and very soon…there will not be left a “home of the brave and land of the free!” A greater and more solid majority of Americans are all assemilating on the same page of thought, and while we don’t agree on everything we are “for,” we are darn near solidly behind what we are “against!” Things like: redistributing wealth; and those dastardly tax-and-spend policies; and the unconstitutional czars; total out of control printing of paper money; and, unconstitutional takeovers of private business; and, ungodly trillion dollar government stimulus packages; and taxing us literally to death; and killing almost all initiative to start-up and own a small business; and, we detest the “apology tour” our president has made to dictators, and thugs around the globe; and the detestable government-run health care, which is nothing but a political “ruse” to take-over individual liberties and constitutional freedoms heretofore guaranteed to every citizen under our Constitution! As many of us Americans have watched how Obama, Pelosi and Reid,, have been dismantling our nation through their unabashed radical liberal left agenda, more and more Americans have realized they were duped and lied to and deceived beyond their wildest imagination!

But, in the midst of the lies and deception a “moment of true History” is about to happen. I am writing this article a few day before Tuesday, the 19th, when Massachusetts shall elect a new Senator to fill their vacated seat! In possibly the most liberal “blue” state in our nation, a scenario of historical proportions will have occurred by the time you read this article! The Commonwealth will have elected a “conservative, no-nonsense Republican” as their new Senator! In the state where the Revolutionary War began, where the “original Tea-Party” was launched and the “shot heard round the world was fired,” these United States will hear another shot that will be heard far and wide! This is the REAL sounding bell of change: Change BACK to low taxes, small government, free-market system, separation of Powers, government accountability, and more. The tide will have been turned and the political tsunami that is coming will, I pray, wash all the filth, corruption, and deception out of Washington and into the cesspool where they belong!

It is far past time for “true” Americans to remember the lessons of a free-market system, of our blood-bought CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES, and start appreciating the sacrifices to gain liberty, even to death, of our Founding Fathers. It is time to re-embrace “individual liberty” and to extol our American Bill of Rights! Stand tall Massachusettes, we’re behind you…..stand tall true Americans, and let’s take back our country, and put God back in our classrooms, in the halls of Congress and in the hearts of our citizens! The inspired words of Patrick Henry ring more needed today than ever since the Revolutionary War: “As for me…..Give me Liberty or give me Death!” Until next


H/T Bill Zankich January 20 at 3:07am

To all who uphold liberal ideology and seek a socialist America beware; The bitterness in your rhetoric over Browns uncontested and unanimous victory in Massachusetts is deafening and betrays the darkness of your intent. Prepare yourselves because we will only celebrate the victory of this battle for a short time, as we ultimately aim to win the war that liberalism has waged upon this great nation far too long.

Your vitriolic responses bring to mind the gnashing of teeth of ravenous wolves starving to devour and yet unable to accomplish their insidious goal. As I have stated in the past, your ideology is nothing more than a cancer to this country, and anyone who continues in folly to cling so dearly to the machinations of destruction is equally part of the disease, and will share equally in the fruits of this endeavor.

Make no mistake, we aim to weed liberalism from our government and we will not stop until our goal is accomplished. You woke the sleeping lion, we do not slumber any longer, and now you will reap your just reward. Please continue your venomous rhetoric, it adds fuel to the fire in our bellies that drives us forward in the battle to regain our republic and restore our nation! You have been warned. Continue to undermine our Constitution and sovereign liberties at your own peril. As God is our witness freedom will once again ring from sea to shining sea.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


The time is now, the time is today, January 19, 2010 when we will see the light at the end of the tunnel. Sending positive thoughts to Scott Brown.

Call from home to encourage MA voters to go to the polls.  Our call from home application is also a great way to remind voters about Election Day and encourage them to vote! Click here to help with their phone bank.

Keep calling until the polls close!

If you are already in Scott's phone bank, keep the calls going ALL day until the polls close!!!! Don't let up, we NEED the phones in Massachusetts ringing all day long. We NEED every Brown voter at the polls casting their vote tomorrow. There are differing polls and we can't be complacent. We CAN win this one!

Push through until victory is achieved!!

If you aren't in the phone bank:

Join Scott Brown's national phone bank. Make phone calls TODAY on election day. The phone bank is free!

Sign up for the phone bank at:

(You will be issued a username and login. Brief delays in receiving this information may be possible when site traffic is high.)Once you receive your user ID and password, start making calls.. All calls will automatically be operational between 9:00 AM and 9:00 PM EST between now and January 19th.

To directly go to the phone bank website to log-in for phone calls:

GOAL: Every American across this great country making phone calls for freedom.

This is truly the beginning of the Second American Revolution and the left has no idea what true American patriots are capable of!


Wednesday, January 13, 2010


It’s hard to believe that I would actually link to a Jane Hamsher article at the Huffington Post without reveling in its stupidity but this article is quite good, well researched, and doesn’t pull any biased punches. When Obama is pissing off the far left, things are baaaad.

Here we got the tale of Jonathan Gruber, a MIT genius or something, who was paid close to 400 thousand dollars to do an analysis of ObamaCare….and the White House used that analysis to sale the bill without disclosing the relationship:

Read the rest of  this article here, I couldn't believe my eyes when I found this.

Monday, January 11, 2010


This is part One of Judge Napolitano's series on the Constitution.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


I found this video on .  It explains how we can get involved at the precinct level and help turn the country around.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Friday, January 8, 2010


Yesterday we needed to have a driver take us to the airport.  His name was Louie, his car was impeccable, his English perfect.  He and his family came from Cuba just after Castro became dictator. Being a Tea Party Patriot myself, he and I immediately connected. We talked the same lingo, read the same books. But what really connected us is our history.  His in Cuba, mine in Germany.  The story is always the same:  people want and need change after a disaster, war, etc.  Then there comes the bright and shining knight, that knows how to talk, make people feel better, promises prosperity.  People are desperate and vote for these imposters.  History keeps repeating itself, in different countries, for different reasons.  But this time the majority of people woke up, hopefully before it's too late.  There are still many hurdles to jump, but I get encouraged every time I run into strangers and see that there are so many of us fighting this imposter and his regime.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I just came across this video and the first two minutes really got me upset.  I don't put anything past this administration, but it's good to know what to prepare for, even if there is nothing we can do to stop it.


This video will inspire  you to carry on the battle.  Hat tip to Opus 6 from Mainfo

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Simply put, and right to the point, Sarah Palin is getting it.  I think Obama should consider her advice, it makes sense.

by Sarah Palin

Today at 3:39pm

President Obama’s meeting with his top national security advisers does nothing to change the fact that his fundamental approach to terrorism is fatally flawed. We are at war with radical Islamic extremists and treating this threat as a law enforcement issue is dangerous for our nation’s security. That’s what happened in the 1990s and we saw the result on September 11, 2001. This is a war on terror not an “overseas contingency operation.” Acts of terrorism are just that, not “man caused disasters.” The system did not work. Abdulmutallab was a child of privilege radicalized and trained by organized jihadists, not an “isolated extremist” who traveled to a land of “crushing poverty.” He is an enemy of the United States, not just another criminal defendant.

It simply makes no sense to treat an al Qaeda-trained operative willing to die in the course of massacring hundreds of people as a common criminal. Reports indicate that Abdulmutallab stated there were many more like him in Yemen but that he stopped talking once he was read his Miranda rights. President Obama’s advisers lamely claim Abdulmutallab might be willing to agree to a plea bargain – pretty doubtful you can cut a deal with a suicide bomber. John Brennan, the President’s top counterterrorism adviser, bizarrely claimed “there are no downsides or upsides” to treating terrorists as enemy combatants. That is absurd. There is a very serious downside to treating them as criminals: terrorists invoke their “right” to remain silent and stop talking. Terrorists don’t tell us where they were trained, what they were trained in, who they were trained by, and who they were trained with. Giving foreign-born, foreign-trained terrorists the right to remain silent does nothing to keep Americans safe from terrorist threats. It only gives our enemies access to courtrooms where they can publicly grandstand, and to defense attorneys who can manipulate the legal process to gain access to classified information.

President Obama was right to change his policy and decide to send no more detainees to Yemen where they can be free to rejoin their war on America. Now he must back off his reckless plan to close Guantanamo, begin treating terrorists as wartime enemies not suspects alleged to have committed crimes, and recognize that the real nature of the terrorist threat requires a commander-in-chief, not a constitutional law professor.

- Sarah Palin

Sunday, January 3, 2010


U.S. placed under international police-state

Not only are we concerned about Obama being a sympathizer to the Muslim world, he now placed the United States of America under the authority of the international police organization known as INTERPOL, granting the organization full immunity to operate within the United States

According to Threatswatch:

Last Thursday, December 17, 2009, The White House released an Executive Order "Amending Executive Order 12425." It grants INTERPOL (International Criminal Police Organization) a new level of full diplomatic immunity afforded to foreign embassies and select other "International Organizations" as set forth in the United States International Organizations Immunities Act of 1945.

By removing language from President Reagan's 1983 Executive Order 12425, this international law enforcement body now operates - now operates - on American soil beyond the reach of our own top law enforcement arm, the FBI, and is immune from Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) requests.
Read the entire article here: