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Obama's America Will Become Detroit
December 12, 2012
President Barack Obama traveled to Michigan this week and made his case for class war in defense of the welfare state.

We need to take more money from the rich, he said, or schools will not be able to afford books, students will not be able to afford college, and disabled children will not get health care.

"Our economic success has never come from the top down," said Obama. "It comes from the middle out. It comes from the bottom up."

Obama spoke these words a few miles from Detroit — the reductio ad absurdum of his argument.

If America continues down the road to Obama's America — a road that began when President Franklin Roosevelt started building a welfare state here — our entire nation will become Detroit.

Obama's economic and moral vision has played out in Detroit. What he seeks has been achieved there.

Last week, as reported by the Detroit Free Press, Michigan's state treasurer told Detroit's mayor and city council that the state may soon appoint an emergency financial manager for the city. Under Michigan law, the paper said, only such a manager can initiate the steps leading to a bankruptcy filing for the city.

By current calculations, Detroit faces obligations over the next six months that exceed its revenues by $47 million. The city, the Free Press reported, now pays $1.08 in benefits to municipal workers and retirees for every $1.00 it pays in salary.

What happened to Detroit? It is achieving socialism in one city.

Traditional two-parent families and the productive taxpaying citizens they produce have fled.
  • In 1950, according the U.S. Census Bureau, Detroit had 1,849,568 people and was the fifth-largest city in the nation.
  • By 2000, its population had dropped to 951,270;
  • by 2010, to 713,777; and
  • by 2011, to 706,585.
What has happened to the people who remain? 
The Census Bureau estimates there are 563,055 people age 16 or older in the city who could potentially work and be part of the labor force. But only 54.3 percent of these — or 305,479 individuals — actually do participate in the labor force, meaning they either have a job or are looking for one.
Another 257,576 of Detroit residents age 16 or older — 45.7 percent of that demographic — do not participate in the labor force. They do not have a job, and they are not looking for one.

In fact, these 257,576 people in Detroit who do not have a job and are not looking for one outnumber the 224,846 residents who do have jobs. But of the 224,846 residents who do have jobs, 34,500 — or 15.3 percent — have jobs with the government. Thus, this city that boasted 1,849,568 residents in 1950 has only 190,346 private-sector workers today.

There are 264,209 households in Detroit, and 91,204 of them — or 34.5 percent — get food stamps.

Very few of the people who are staying out of the labor force in Detroit are staying out because they are stay-at-home moms with working husbands. Of the 264,209 households in Detroit, only 24,275 — or 9.2 percent — are married couple families with children under 18. Another 78,438 households — or 29.7 percent of the total — are "families" headed by women with no husband present. Of these, 43,742 have children under 18.

There were 12,103 babies born in Detroit in the 12 months prior to the Census Bureau survey, and 9,124 of them — or 75.4 percent — were born to unmarried women.

Of the 363,281 housing units in Detroit, 99,072 are vacant. Indeed, vacant houses have become a powerful visual symbol of what advancing socialism has done to the city. Traditional family life is nearing extinction in this once vibrant corner of America.

Obama said in Michigan that if the federal government does not take more money away from people who have earned it, the public schools may not be able to buy school books. But the Department of Education says that in the Detroit public schools — which have books — only 7 percent of the eight graders are grade-level proficient in reading and only 4 percent are grade-level proficient in math.

School books are not lacking here. Self-reliance, the spirit of individualism, and the Judeo-Christian values that support marriage and family are lacking in Detroit! They have been driven out by a government that wants the people to depend on it rather than on themselves, their families and their faith.

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This has been a long time coming and today Michigan made history.  Unions were needed at one time, but unfortunately their leaders have become too greedy and too beholden to politics.  Union members have to digg deep into their pockets to pay their dues and many of them resent it. Now they have a choice, a choice to belong to the union or not. Why this new law was protested I do not understand. Collective bargaining has not been stripped.  It is simply a bill for individual freedom.

But it was a battle to get it done. Protesters were brought in from other states. Three Detroit area school systems closed so their teachers could go protesting. The protesters got loud, aggressive and some were violent. Much of it however has not been reported by the Main Stream Media, i.e. NBC, ABC etc.

Here is an article about Steven Crowder, a Fox News contributer, that was punched 4 times.

Another person shared this tidbit:  After two and a half hours of being screamed at with profanity, being spat on (twice) and threatened for having a different point of view (without ever saying a word in response), our safe haven tents were stormed and tore down by protestors and slashed up with box cutters. The icing on the cake was being assaulted as I walked away. Really? This is what democracy looks like? P.S. I'm ok.

Others are threatening with more violence in the future and I just heard that THE Reverend Jesse Jackson is calling for a statewide strike.

Fedup USA editor Stephanie Jasky had this to say: The Right-To-Work legislation attempts to undo something that was amoral and discriminatory to begin with: using the force of government to require all people in certain fields of work to pay union dues in order to be employed. The government should have no role in playing favorites or in forcing some people to do the bidding of others.
Just yesterday President Obama visited the Michigan Diesel plant. He used this purely to rile up the people and lied to them what this bill is really about. He said that the Right to work bill means right to make less.  This was uncalled for and very unpresidential.

Recently, the Michigan legislature voted down the Obamacare State Exchange and today they finalized their vote to make Michigan the 24th Right to Work State.  Many thanks go to Governor Snyder who showed himself as a leader to get things done, and many thanks go to our Michigan legislature who listened to their constituents and made history today. 

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GET US OUT! Of the United Nations! – Anti-American, Anti-Freedom

It was rewarding that my previous post, America, do you want to be heard,  had more views in one day than any other blog I ever published. In the hope that most readers actually used the letter and sent it on to their Representative, I am bringing this letter to you  which addresses a very serious issue today - the UN and Agenda 21. Both fall in line with President Obama's ideology as well as Marxism.  Again, it is my biggest hope as well as the hope of the original author, Daron Fraley that patriots around this country will use the letter and send it on.  Thank you.

Dear Senator..........

I am writing to express my grave concern over treaties being considered by the United Nations next week and in coming months. I just received an email from the American Family Association that describes “The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD)”, a treaty which would jeopardize our national sovereignty and place the well-being of children with disabilities in the hands of government bureaucrats instead of with their parents. Those rights belong in the hands of the parents. NOT the government. NOT ANY government.
This has got to stop!

The United Nations is no longer (if it ever truly was) a friend to freedom, or to America. Look at the power-plays that they have attempted already, and those that they will continue 
to bring up again and again until we are brought into subjection:

A global tax. Anti-Blasphemy Laws. A Small Arms treaty. Control of the Internet. Agenda-21.
And just this week, there was a story in the Deseret News (Associated Press), where the U.N. has warned of record ice-melt in the Arctic, at the same time they ignored the record ice-gains in the Antarctic this year.
And yesterday, they voted to give further recognition to a terrorist state, namely Palestine.
Ridiculous! I am tired of the lies!

I am begging you to do your duty to protect the Constitution of the United States, from all enemies, foreign and domestic. The United Nations has become a den of thieves and thugs, kowtowing to the whims of radical Islam, oppressive dictators, and corrupt governments around the world.

I hearby request that you reject EACH AND EVERY United Nations Treaty that comes to the floor of the Senate. Every single one, no matter what the treaty is about. In fact, I want the United Nations defunded. I want the United States to withdraw from what will surely be the doom of freedom and liberty… Before it’s too late.
As a young boy, I never understood why my grandparents were putting up billboard signs all across the highways of Wyoming… I never understood what those signs really meant… I never understood the danger this country was in.
I do now.

This is my Facebook Banner: GET US OUT! Of the United Nations! – Anti-American, Anti-Freedom.
I will fight the U.N. to my dying breath. Please join me in that fight.

Daron D. Fraley

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This is a post that requires action from all of us.  A fellow patriot put this letter together for all of us to distribute on your walls, your lists, and to send to your representatives via fax or snail mail.  Tweet with hashtag benghazi, tcot, fraud, ACA, etc.

Together we can make a difference.  So lets get it done.

To Whom It May Concern:

We The People find ourselves in a very uncomfortable place and we look to you as the representatives of our country for the answers we seek. Please know that there are many millions who share these feelings, and if the elections had been conducted in a fair manner, the results would have reflected our concerns.
 Below, you will find a collaborative list of questions, and we would greatly appreciate receiving your answers in a timely manner. We will make our decisions accordingly, as this is still the land of the free, and our country’s future is at stake.

  1. Why with wide-spread voter fraud, can this election not be contested? Why are we bound to an agreement reached in 1981?
  2. On Benghazi:
Why were security teams actually removed in the months and weeks leading up to 9/11 when the violence was escalating and the people on the ground said more was needed?
We can prove Obama had knowledge of the attack, as well as the resources to send for protection but he still denied vital help. These are impeachable offenses. What is your stance on this? Do you agree that this President needs to be impeached?  What are you doing about Benghazi?
  1. Regarding Obamacare:
 There is so much that is being enacted behind closed doors. We request that there be no more secrets.  We should be able to know the stipulations in their entirety and We the People should be able to vote on it. We need the specifics. The doctors have no idea how they will be paid/reimbursed after January. The hospitals are flying blind, unsure of what they will be fined for.  It is hard to run a business, as many know, without a business plan.  Do the States have the right to reject Obamacare? We need specifics about ALL taxes we will incur, including 1% on every banking transaction on all bank accounts. We also require specifics on the Over 70 Group.
  1. Concerning our Military:
How do you feel about  Obama firing 20,000 Marines so he can give $6 billion U.S. taxpayer dollars to Muslims for ‘green’ energy'? What accountability does this President have? How about the debt ceiling? Raising it will give this Administration more funds to waste on our demise. Is the House going to hold true to their promises?
  1. The FCC is directed by five commissioners who are appointed by the President of the United States and confirmed by the U.S. Senate. This is a serious problem, as you know. Do states have the right to secede, as Texas is in process of attempting to do now?
Finally, we have condensed the list of grievances down to those we feel are most important and would like answers to the following, as to what is being DONE to remedy these atrocities in our country.

  1. Dept. Of Interior, Green Energy Fraud.... what is being done here?

  1. Fast and Furious- what is being done about this? Gun running?

  1. Seal Team 6 shot down
  2.   College transcripts of Barack Hussein Obama
  3.   Record number of Generals, Admirals retired.
  4.   Give-away of Alaska lands to Russia
  5.   Retirement of 20,0000 marines
  6.   Give away of drilling rights in the Gulf
  7.   Muslim Brotherhood infiltration into the White House
  8.   Hamas training bases on the border
  9.   Surrender of sovereign lands in Arizona to drug Cartels
  10.   Drone attacks on American Citizens, arrests of our troops on the battlefield for taking out targets of opportunity to appease host Muslim nations.... and the lies about Libya during the NATO operation...
  11.  Why do we have a Taliban lawyer in the Justice Dept?
  12.  NDAA, and the UN making decisions AGAINST the U.S. Constitution
  13.  The use of the Foreign Desk to buy our own debt to generate fees for Goldman Sachs

I realize this is a lengthy list. However, it does not even cover an eighth of our concerns, and was difficult to condense. This will be widely publicized, along with your response.
 The American people need and deserve answers, and we would appreciate you taking the time to give them to us. We ask, however, that your responses be clear and concise, and that you spare us from a long drawn out diatribe that has little to do with the questions being asked, as we will take that as you do not think we are important enough to take seriously, and act accordingly with our support!
Thank you for your time and attention to this urgent matter! We believe that you take these issues as seriously as we do, and for that, you have our deep respect and heartfelt gratitude.
The American People

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This is what can be done in every major city, in front of major networks and newspapers.  The story needs to be told, the Government needs to be held accountable.  Four Americans died, they were left behind.  This is unforgivable.

Pinellas 912 rallied outside their local CBS affiliate in Tampa, Florida.  What are you willing to do??  Don't give up.  They are making it VERY difficult for us to get in touch.  They are hanging up on us, putting up voice mail that is always full.  But we must not be deterred.  We must find a way to get around them.  TIME TO TAKE IT TO THE STREETS.  Rally your Capitol, Rally in DC, Rally in front of local news media, Rally in your neighborhood.   Please watch the video of the patriots in Florida and get ready to be inspired.

Start sending FAX messages to media.    Call or visit.  I have provided links with numbers, fax and addresses.  Get a group together and go visit your local TV station.

Start sending FAX messages to Darrell Issa.  202-225-3303 (fax)  202-225-3906 (DC office).

Barrage Issa.  Hit him HARD!!  And don't let up.  Send a FAX…I just did and the line is not busy YET!!   Keep you message simple.  Don't be rude.  FAX him daily…….several times per day.

Go out on and send your rep a message

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Thursday, October 11, 2012


The Stand Up America US Research and Analysis team has learned from a senior and sensitive intelligence community source and official that President Obama did not know of the raid in Abbottabad to kill Osama Bin Laden on May 1st, 2011 until after the helicopters with SEAL TEAM 6 had crossed into Pakistani airspace.
America’s most sophisticated deception techniques were used to make this very dangerous penetration into Pakistan without Pakistani knowledge. The President was notified at the golf course and called off the golf course, which is likely why he was in the strange sitting position in the picture that documented the White House Situation room event.
Standup America US was started by General Paul E. Vallely. 

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I am tired of hearing the media complain that Romney has no plan. He has a great plan to get this country back on track, vs. Barrack Obama whose only plan is massive taxation and outrageous spending.
Please share this page with your friends and lists, with the undecideds and fence sitters. Many people won't take the time to look for the information to educate themselves and will be grateful for this easy access.
Below is a series of links regarding Mitt Romney's Jobs and Economic Growth. The 1st is five Bullet Points to his plan.
 MittRomney's Policy Plans for Jobs & Economic Growth: 
4)Human Capital 
5)Fiscal - 
 Human Capital: MittRomney : Plan to Retrain Workers & also Attract the Best & Brightest 
Spending: MittRomney : Plan to Stop & Turn around Out of Control Spending
Labor: MittRomney Steps improving Policy for Free Enterprise, Free Choice & Free Speech
 Energy: MittRomney : 15 Steps to Utilize USA Resources while Safeguarding Environment 
 Trade: MittRomney : 9 Steps to Restore Free Trade & Open Markets 
 Regulations: MittRomney 9 Steps to Roll Back the Obama Era Regulations 
 Medicare: MittRomney :Plan to Safeguard Seniors & Empower Younger Citizens with Choices 
 Social Security: MittRomney :Plan to Safeguard Current Seniors & Save for Future Youth
 Healthcare: MittRomney : Obamacare Repeal & Replacement Steps for States
 Taxes: MittRomney : 9 Steps to Restructure the Tax Code
h/t Diana Rae, Lyn_Sue, Renee from my FB Tweet group

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About the man I am voting for to be our President!
This exemplary man graduated with top honors from Harvard Business & Harvard Law and became a lawyer but chose business. As a founder and CEO, Bain Capital became among the most respected firms in America, which in turn created real wealth and real jobs for real people. As Governor of Massachusetts, he turned around a state in fiscal crisis and transformed the State’s schools from mediocre into the top schools in the Nation. He was called upon to save an Olympics mired in corruption and crisis after 911 and transformed them into a spectacular success. Mitt Romney believes it his privilege to live an anonymous life based on American values of Faith, Family and Charity, as he shares by giving wealth and real personal compassion and love. This untold story would take volumes to recount. His abilities are those of a proven leader and why we need Mitt Romney for President!

H/T Peter Zampino FB

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h/t Lyn_Sue

The media and liberals have been jumping on Gov Romney's comment about middle class being $200,000-$250,000 and lower, when he was discussing tax reform.  If everyone will remember, Obama has been using $250,000 since the 2008 campaign.  Here is some information to educate people.
First, he did not say the AVERAGE is $200-$250,000. He said "middle income IS $200,000-$250,000 or less. So, don't raise taxes on middle income people, lower them." 
The problem is that people are trying to define the middle class as someone in a certain income level when the definition of middle class is defined by profession and is broader.
Within the middle class, you have: 
  • the working class, which is blue-collar
  • lower-middle class, which is lower-level, white-collar workers
  • upper-middle-class workers, who have post graduate degrees & work at high-level, white-collar positions
  • The next income level is what is commonly called the "5 percent," or the percentage of Americans who make more than $150,000 annually.
  • Then of course the wealthy, which is referred to as the "1 percent" who earn over $250,000 annually.
Where Do You Fall in the American Economic Class System?
Many people have misconceptions about their place in the income hierarchy

"Romney’s campaign later clarified that he was talking about household income and not individual income." "According to US News, middle class income falls between $32,000 and $100,000. The top 1% make over $250,000 a year and the top 5% make over $150,000. Romney’s numbers were still off but it wasn’t as drastic as people are making it out to be.""Also, there’s been some discrepancy over what Mitt Romney actually said. When the interview first aired many people had Romney quoted as saying that middle class was between $200,000 and $250,000.
"In cities such as San Francisco and New York, middle class income might very well extend all the way up to $250,000 given the median house price in San Francisco is $700,000 and it regularly costs $1,000+/sqft in New York City to buy."
What’s A Middle Class Income? Bet You Don’t Know! written last year going by the date of comments.

Added by Rotti:

To find out more about Mitt Romney's tax plan refer to this article:

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The following is the highly talked about video about democrats who fled the scene of hope and change. Frustration, anger, disappointment, fear, are all displayed.  Four more?  I don't think so.

Thursday, August 30, 2012


In the early days of the primary campaign I was in support of Herman Cain, the 9 9 9 man and bought one of his books.  There is one passage in his book that stayed with me. It mentioned that when people asked him to do this or that or change something about himself, from early on in his career, his motto always was "let Herman be Herman".

Today I would like to pass this thought on to all that keep saying, Mitt Romney has to humanize himself,  Ann's speech had to humanize him, or as we so often hear, Mitt has to define himself.  My goodness, what does a guy have to do?  As of today, anyone that says that me, my answer will be, "Let Mitt be Mitt".  I have seen enough segments of his rallies, people that know him attest to the fact what an upstanding, successful, caring man he is, that it is time now to Let Mitt be Mitt.  I see a family man that loves his wife, his 5 children and 18 grandchildren. I see a businessman that for years helped turn failing companies around and consequently created thousands of jobs. I see a man that had skills to turn a failing olympics around.  I see a Governor that could work with an all democratic legislature in Massachussetts and bring their unemployment down to 4.7 %, I see a man that has a vision how to turn this rapidly failing economy around.  I see a man over and over that knows how to surround himself with the best of the best in all areas of life and business and I believe that's what helped him become so successful. I've seen him wipe his tears when touched by an outpouring of support of him during the Michigan rally, I see him watch his beautiful wife Ann in adoration and with respect.

I see a man that is not running for president for himself, the power or the money.  He is a man that cares about his country and feels a calling to step in and help turn it around just like he did when he ran Bain. Let Mitt be Mitt, he has the skillset, energy and vision how to fix the mess we are in.


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A facebook friend of mine got into a spat with a liberal over an article she posted on her page. Some of us tried to come to her rescue, although, she didn't need it. Not knowing the attacker, it didn't take long to know for sure it was a liberal. Who else would spew nasty, insulting names and comments.  Obviously that is all they have left because they sure have nothing to run on.  What finally stopped the comments was Karen's post, which I want to share with my readers, because this lady truly searched her heart and soul before making the decision to support and vote for Mitt Romney. She also shares my opinion of Romney's character.

" I am a Moderate and was an Independent. 

Many, many months ago, way before the primaries, I really didn’t know what to think and thought I should because our economy and govt are in such a mess. I joined a liberal FB group who said they were moderate, and so I’d really fit in. They were all really nice people and I made a lot of friends, but I had to decide for myself what I thought. 

I read O’s books and really everything I could. More recently, I read Dave Maraniss’ biography of O, which is pretty pro-O but also objective in many respects. I joined an Independent FB group and learned a lot about Ron Paul, social liberals, and anarchists, as well Romney and O. 

I became an Independent years ago, because I did not like the Bushes, but I was unsure of what to think about O. After everything I’ve read, all I can say … I've looked at life from both sides now ... it's life's illusions I recall. I really don't know O at all ...

I firmly support Romney. I could not have supported any of the other Republican candidates, except perhaps Cain. It really came down to, in the end, which way I want our country to go … and I don’t want it to go the way O is leading us and I think Romney has the best chance to get us out of this mess.

I firmly believe Romney is one of the most ethical persons to run for office. (Some of my family and friends know him personally.) It’s more that I believe in his character and good works than that I agree with him on every single issue. He is exactly who he represents himself to be: he is supremely honest, intelligent, hard working, and moral, and most of all believes in our country. 

He has never lied, cheated, or been in any way dishonest. He did not ship jobs overseas, he paid his taxes (30% … see my post about that ), he had a blind trust that invested overseas (like Pelosi and Valerie Jarrett, among many Democrats) … and well, I could go on but I just want you to know that Romney has been greatly maligned.

And why? I sometimes can’t believe he’s actually putting himself through all of this, just to help our country. He has nothing to gain financially or politically. He is a total gift to Americans. He is doing this because he loves Americans and he wants to help. 

He will stop spending more money than we have, he will stop putting us into debt to other countries, he will try to save the economy, he will help to get businesses going again and get people back to work, he will stop the massive spending by govt to create artificial jobs that do not grow the economy, he will get Medicare on track, he will work toward a national system of healthcare, and he will help everyone so they don’t have to depend on the govt for survival.

We are at one of the biggest crossroads in our country’s history. I can’t sit back like I did before and let things “go the way they go.” After all of the research I’ve done, I know Romney is our best choice for our survival."

Thursday, August 16, 2012



Ours is a factual story that provides a rare glimpse and insight into the real Mitt Romney. Does he really relate to the average American? As President, would he impose his beliefs on others? Is he really Christian?
When you buy a home and its contents from someone you really learn a lot about their true character, values and beliefs. And rarely does anyone have the opportunity to learn how a politician acts out of the public's view and when they are not running for office. Well, this actually happened. When? Only a few years ago, in spring of 2009 when we bought Mitt Romney's Park City, Utah home. His family lived in this home for about ten years.
Because our deal included most of the contents, we gained a unique and unusual perspective of him and his family of which most Americans are completely unaware. What we experienced was not what we expected. Not the stereotypical actions of a millionaire and more importantly not the image most Americans have of Mitt Romney.
When most of us buy a home, the real estate agent or seller hands over the keys at closing and then as buyers, we are on our own. Not this time. We met Mitt Romney by himself at the house. He spent as much time as we needed showing us around, answering our questions and explaining how to use and service the home's equipment. And when he was done, he gave us his direct contact information should we have problems.
To move, if we can afford the cost, most of us would hire movers with a team of workers. To save money, many of us are the do-it-our-selves types. Which did Mitt Romney do? Like many of us, on his own he rented a sixwheel truck and moved himself. He drove to the local Home Depot and purchased wood to build whatever he needed for the transport. Mitt moved his family's clothes, his family's photos, his family's mementos, his grandchildren's toys. With the help of a friend and family, they loaded the truck. Then, after answering all our questions Mitt Romney said his goodbyes, climbed into the truck and began the long drive to his new home by himself.
The Romney Park City home, which they designed and built, and its contents had much to say. Having raised a family of our own, we saw that the home was built with a focus on his family. No swimming pool, tennis court or movie theater. There are no maid, butler or nanny quarters. Clearly Ann and Mitt raised their kids. No gold faucets, no fancy silverware. The kitchen was simple and typical of an average three bedroom home, very much like those in which we were raised. We were struck by the discovery that most of the art, furniture and all the curtains were made in America and many by local craftsmen. Most of the linens were of good quality but not what is found at very high end, exclusive stores. The master bedroom pillows had tags from the average American’s most popular discount store.
In the most honored place in the master bedroom hung a painting of Jesus Christ. Most Americans know little about Mormonism and we didn't either. Mitt Romney clearly had a home of faith and family just like the rest of us.
One of the most interesting questions many have asked is, "As president will he impose his beliefs on others?"
Many claim that a President Romney would take away rights and impose his beliefs on all Americans. The Romney home contents gave us insight into this question. One of the strongest Mormon beliefs is the prohibition against drinking alcohol. We were surprised to find a small supply which we were told was available for guests, not for the family. Mitt Romney had a respect for his guest's wishes. By not imposing his beliefs on others even within his own home, then clearly a President Romney would not take away rights and impose his beliefs on all Americans. Those making such accusations should stop. The facts do not support their claims.
It is amazing what can be learned about someone from observing the smallest details. In the Romney's family mud room, where the boots and outdoor clothing were stored, we found the Governor's ski gloves. One of his son's apologized for his dad's lack of concern about his appearance when Mitt went skiing because the gloves would surely be noticed. They were worn out and had holes in the fingers. Mitt had gone to the garage tool box and wrapped them with duct tape. Thrifty? Yes, and the repair provided an immediate practical solution rather than traveling to the store to buy a new pair. His indifference to appearance demonstrated his confidence, true character and priorities. Good qualities, but easily misunderstood because they are quite different from those displayed by many famous people and certainly politicians, who highly protect and prize their appearance.

As you have read, our story is not about a wealthy man's nice home or its beautiful contents. It is about the story they tell and how our experiences with him showed the real Mitt Romney. How his family truly lived is a real indication of their values and beliefs. There is more we could tell, but hope we have provided enough facts to answer some key questions on many voters' minds. Mitt Romney is very different from the man that many of us have been led to believe. Clearly he is more like most Americans than not. We learned many things about Mitt Romney that contradicted what we have been told. He is not aloof or out of touch. He is a man of faith, family and American values. A guy who is well-grounded. It is not beneath him to roll up his shirt-sleeves and get the
job done. The fact that he has allowed this to be kept so very private is a true testament to his character and shows how different he is from many other politicians.
Who are we and why are we speaking out? Growing up in Florida and Pennsylvania, we knew little to nothing of Utah, Mitt Romney, his family or values, beliefs, religion and his capabilities. We were amazed by what we learned. We want nothing more than for our fellow citizens to know what we know. We are not part of any campaign, not Mormon nor religious activists. We have voted for Democrats and Republicans and were not Governor Romney supporters. Hal is a farmer, race car driver and retired after creating a number of successful businesses. Corinne is a retired government employee. We do not come from wealthy families. Our parents worked average jobs. Our fathers were a mailman and an engineer. Our mothers were a nurse and a housewife. We struggled, worked hard and are grateful for having been rewarded over the years. We have never given upon achieving the American dream. But the story we tell is not about us.
As Americans, we depend on our press to provide us with factual and unbiased information. We hear politicians sometimes misspeak and others take their statements out of context. Many times it is hard to tell what is fact and what is fiction. Over the past few months, we have noticed how different from reality some of the public perceptions and media presentations of Governor Romney are. Unfortunately, some political opponents spread false information and misconceptions. This is wrong.
This injustice and the value of our story has led us to speak up and provide these facts. No one can say with absolute certainty what kinds of decisions a president will make while still a candidate for that office. To predict, we only have access to their words, history and if available the most useful facts of all, how they acted out of public view and when they are not running for office. This is why our story is so important, valuable and must be told. No doubt some will want to dismiss our story, argue that it is not newsworthy nor relevant and possibly subject us to an undesired spot light. However, we hope the American people are given the opportunity to hear the truth, especially when the facts directly contradict what many people think to be true.
Corinne & Hal Prewitt

Tuesday, August 14, 2012



h/t Dave Weston

Leftist groups like LaRaza on behalf of illegal immigrants, ACORN, the NAACP and the New Black Panther Party on behalf of blacks, and CAIR on behalf of Jihadists, the Obama administration is creating the perfect racially charged storm across America.

None of these groups are listed on the Southern Poverty Law Center list of “potential domestic terrorists” used by Obama’s Department of Homeland Security as the playbook for dealing with domestic terrorism, national security or racial tensions. Only “right-wing” constitutionally grounded taxpayers and military veterans make the list of “potential threats” under the Obama administration.

None of this is accidental or without purpose. Racial tensions were nonexistent in most parts of America, until Obama came on the scene.

Before Obama was elected illegal resident of the people’s White House, few in America cared what color, race or religion anyone was… Since the 2008 election, the word “racism” has been exploited as a political tool to silence any and all voices of dissent.

Tea Party, 912 and Town Hall folks, largely made up of aging American taxpayers, most of them white of course, have been painted by the Obama administration and his lame stream press as “racists” and “potential” terrorists.

Yet every available film clip demonstrating any form of thuggery or violence shows Black, Mexican or Muslim Obama supporters burning the streets, trashing businesses and private property, intimidating voters, threatening citizens or actually beating up anyone daring to disagree in public.

An all out race war is being ignited by the very people who claim to want a color blind society of equality and the central front is Arizona. This is Obama’s “citizen army.”

People, who believe that the real American military will use force to put down citizen resisters of this administration, do not know their soldiers very well. Obama must have another army in order to put down decent American citizens opposed to communism in America.

Obama’s “citizen army” is made up of Democratic Socialists, Black Panthers, illegal immigrants from Mexico and Jihadists. They are all racially charged to attack decent American citizens, more so by the hour.

Every act of opposition to Obammunism has already been established an act of “racism” and Obama’s army is ready to pounce… We are already seeing it happen is pockets around the country.

Instead of using federal powers to uphold laws protecting our nation’s borders, the Obama administration has chosen to use the full weight of the federal government to attack the state of Arizona for attempting to legally enforce standing immigration laws.

This is consistent with Team Obama’s heavy-handed dictatorial tyranny over the states and the people, which has manifest in several full frontal assaults on both state and individual rights. But there is much more to it than meets the eye for most American citizens.

It is all part of a grand plan for leftist political domination…

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Wow, that's all I could say when I saw all these photos from around the country. Folks and cars lined to get their sandwich, salad or whatever, all in support of Chick-Fil-A.  It is un-american for a major of a city to ban a restaurant because of religious beliefs or just because they don't believe in gay marriage. It's a matter of control, and we are not giving in.  So proud of this great exceptional nation today.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Why was President Barack Obama in such a hurry to get his socialized medicine bill passed? Because he and his cunning circle realize some basic truths:
The American people in their unimaginable kindness and trust voted for a pig in a poke in 2008. (Pig in a poke means: an offering or deal that is foolishly accepted without being examined first. A poke means sack.)

They wanted so much to believe Barack Obama was somehow better and different from other ultra-leftists that they simply took him on faith.

They ignored his anti-white writings in his books.

They ignored his quiet acceptance of hysterical anti-American diatribes by his minister, Jeremiah Wright.

They ignored his refusal to explain years at a time of his life as a student.

They ignored his ultra-left record as a "community organizer," Illinois state legislator, and Senator.

The American people ignored his total zero of an academic record as a student and teacher, his complete lack of scholarship when he was being touted as a scholar.

Now, the American people are starting to wake up to the truth. Barack Obama is a super likeable super leftist, and not a fan of this country.

The American people have already awakened to the truth that the stimulus bill -- a great idea in theory -- was really an immense bribe to Democrat interest groups, and in no way helped all Americans.

The American people already know that Mr. Obama's plan to lower health costs while expanding coverage and bureaucracy is a myth, a promise of something that never was and never can be -- "a bureaucracy lowering costs in a free society." Either the costs go up, or the free society goes historical truth.

These are perilous times. Mrs. Hillary Clinton, our Secretary of State, has given Iran the go-ahead to have nuclear weapons, an unqualified betrayal of the nation. Now, we face a devastating loss of freedom at home in healthcare. It will be joined by controls on our lives to "protect us" from global warming, itself largely a fraud, if believed to be caused by man. She has also signed on to a Small Firearms Treaty at the U.N.

This is a back door gun control move. If this is approved by the Senate and a 2nd Amendment majority doesn't exist in the Senate now, It will supersede all U.S. Law and the 2nd Amendment. All citizen possession will be eliminated through confiscation. Just Like Great Britain and Australia.

Mr. Obama knows Americans are getting wise and will stop him if he delays at all in taking away our freedoms. There is his urgency and our opportunity. Once freedom is lost, America is lost. Wake up, beloved America ...

Ben Stein is a writer, economist, and lawyer. He writes "Ben Stein's Diary," for every issue of The American Spectator.

Note: You must, as an American, FORWARD this, or you will wake up one morning and your freedoms will be GONE...No longer there!

Saturday, July 28, 2012


 Written on Saturday, July 28, 2012 by Chris Gadsden

Dear Future President-Elect Romney,

 <> I am
writing to voice the concerns of many good Americans today. You have some
monumentally important choices coming up. The first of which is the decision
on your Vice President, followed by further campaign direction, debate
preparation and strategy. Please listen to the American people for time is
running out. I am hoping you learned something from John McCain's abortion
of a presidential run and will instead be a bold candidate who will actually
make a stand. Our country is currently under attack by an anti-American
Chicago thug who slithered into office under the premise of hope and change.
Though he swore to uphold our laws and Constitution, the last three years of
obamanation have been horrific for most of us as our Constitution has been
trampled or ignored. Czars, tax-cheats, union goons, and other extreme
leftists have been appointed to positions of power. Free enterprise and
capitalism have been denigrated and maligned, causing astronomical misery
for the working and unemployed alike. obama has bailed out unions and
supporters while real workers suffer. We now have fewer individuals entering
the workforce than those beginning to suckle on the teat of government
welfare and disability programs. Our religion is under pressure from the
White House and far-left cronies that spit on the Christian foundations
established by the Founders. Our national sovereignty is eroded by our
supposed Commander-in-Chief as he has reduced our weapon stockpiles
drastically, all the while bowing (literally and figuratively) to leaders of
foreign lands. This man whom you hope to replace (and better if the American
dream is to survive) may as well have put a bullet in Border Patrol Brian
Terry himself as he now covers up his administration's crimes. Related to
this, our nation's boarders are nothing but lines on a map as border guard
numbers are reduced and illegal aliens are allowed to invade our cities.
These illegals even include multiple relatives of obama himself. Your
opponent was raised by Communists and has no understanding of the American
Dream, our nation's exceptional history or even basic economics.
Indoctrinated into the teachings of Saul Alinski, he feels we have grown too
big and must be cut down to size. At every step, he undercuts our
foundations in order to destroy our country and rebuild as a socialist
utopia. Obamacare was just the beginning. Our great land has an
exponentially growing debt, ballooning more under this President than under
the rest combined and it is an intentional effort to overburden the system
based on the radical plans of the 1960s (read about the intentions of the
founders of ACORN). While this man pushes progressivism, socialized
medicine, abortions, and spreads our wealth, we cry out for leadership; not
a smile and a handshake. You must be bold, Mr. Romney.
 <> obama,
unable to run on his own record (at least publically....assuredly he brags
about his accomplishments behind closed doors), simply assails you and other
wealthy Americans. Mr. Romney, you must STAND UP and be proud of your
accomplishments. Though you would not believe it by listening to the
left-leaning media, most Americans aspire to be successful and wealthy. The
top earners pay the most taxes and hire the rest of us. We do not hate those
of your ilk. We despise the jealous Occupy zombies while they whine, collect
their 99 weeks of unemployment and pray for the downfall of our way of life.
You must champion us, capitalism, business and all that our country has done
to lead the world from darkness to bounty and light in the last 200+ years.
We, as free Americans with the Conservative direction of our Founding
Fathers, drove that. Liberal methods of governing have failed in every
single burgh, city, town, state and country in which they have been
attempted. State this fact. Champion us but do not coddle us or favor one
over another. Individuals fail. Businesses fail. None are too big. You must
be our standard bearer, for another four years of indoctrination in
government dependency may be too much to overcome. We all want to be
successful and wealthy. Most of us work to achieve success while the
perverse underbelly of society simply wishes to sponge and mooch and live in
jealously. Make this stop, Mr. Romney.
 <> You must
also push back against the unions perverting our economy. While their groups
held some worth many years ago, they are now nothing more than blackmail
organizations that provide a slush fund for Democrat causes. You must crush
them and return control of industry to the people that DID, Mr. President,
BUILD THEIR BUSINESS THEMSELVES. The Left complains about corporations
donating money to elections while their unions rape workers by forcing them
to pay dues that are then funneled to left-leaning causes. Follow the path
mapped by Governor Scott Walker and stop these villains, Mr. Romney.
You are a business man and must act as, in addition to Commander-in-Chief,
CFO of America. You must not squander the opportunity, as Bush did, to
promote positive change in Washington. Eliminate the Departments of Energy
and Education. They are useless examples of a bloated bureaucracy and every
second they steal our tax dollars to have talentless employees shuffle
papers. They have failed in their mission and must be eliminated. Also, you
must streamline the tax code and make it far simpler to actually conduct
business. Reduce the corporate tax rate to 10% or less and all of those jobs
that American companies moved overseas will return, along with billions in
foreign investment. If you make these bold but business-friendly changes,
industry will flock to our shores as the socialists running other lands
squeeze them out. As Reagan always understood, government inhibits success
so eliminate as much as possible and we can avert this coming disaster!
You must also secure our borders and make those from foreign lands
assimilate, not have the government kowtow to every whim and custom these
people bring with them. They must come here legally, speak English, pay
taxes, participate in American society or go home. All good Americans know
this and are crying out for a leader with the testicular fortitude to say
it. We do NOT want to "Press 1" for English any longer. Do not allow people
to come here, demand (Sharia) laws of their old lands, and segregate
themselves into little groups. Mr. Romney, as the immigrants from our first
150 years knew, they must become Americans, not simply come and live in
On a more pressing issue, your Vice Presidential pick is coming up and is
vastly important. This is not the time to partner with a boring Pawlenty or
Portman and certainly a Bush-era Condi Rice (pro-abortion and not that great
in the international realm frankly) pick would be terrible. Excite the base
and all Americans with a choice the ilk of Rubio, Ryan, Jindal or DeMint. If
you are playing the "pick a VP from a must-win state", at least make it
Governor Bob McDonnell of Virginia. Once the VP pick and convention are
behind you, you could restoke the fires by announcing your cabinet choices.
This would be another brilliant move to rouse the base. The names positively
mentioned above, if not Vice President, could fill other roles.
Additionally, Gingrich, Santorum and Perry could clean up other festering
areas of government. John Bolton could either be Secretary of State or
return to the U.N. for our inherent American liberties are under constant
attack by those pushing for international government. The most staggering,
brilliant, ironic, fantastic move could then be announcing Ron Paul as head
of the Federal Reserve. You would immediately get the support of many
Libertarians and independents while striking fear into the heart of the
corrupt Fed system. Please make a stand and do not play politics. Americans
are tired of corrupt cabinet officials, czars (you MUST eliminate all of
those on Day One) and perversions of government. Please hear the call of the
 <> As the
campaign and debates unfold, I must once again implore you to be BOLD, Mr.
Romney. Handling President obama with kid-gloves as you have thus far is not
the way. Do not muckrake but TELL THE TRUTH. He was raised by radicals and
Communists, schooled overseas, found religion in a racist church and has
recently been proven to have joined the Communist Party in Chicago in
earlier days. He refuses to disclose any information about his formative
years and those details in his books have proven to be lies. He taught
socialism as a lecturer, worked for and was a staunch supporter of the
radical ACORN organization, and even fought to have babies that survived
abortions be treated as trash and die. For his limited time in public
service, he was independently determined to be the most liberal during his
(brief) time in the U.S. Senate. Have the nerve to say these truths. Did you
not learn from the gutless political methodology of Senator John McCain four
years ago? While I will always respect his service to our country, it
appears McCain lost his spine in the war. Politicians like him, Lindsey
Graham and others that bend over backwards to not offend and get along are
useless when the stakes are this high. A vast number of Americans, gaining
news from Facebook or shows on Comedy Central, are not engaged in the
political process and have been brainwashed into believing obama is a nice
guy, doing a good job, supporting American principles, wants the country to
succeed and has a transparent presidency. Only those of us that pay
attention know the truth. You, Mr. Romney, have to spread the word. You have
to be our voice. You have to come to the Right. Our Country, the vision of
the Founders, the very well-being of the entire world, rests on your
shoulders. If you fail, you fail us all. This is one of the most important
U.S. elections in our history and will decide if we are still the shining
city on a hill or a socialist dung pile like most of Europe.
Until now, too many of us have been content to stay on the sideline but it
has become obvious that we will not survive as a great nation under the
crushing heel of this vile individual another four years. In the hope for
another Ronald Reagan, many of us have been slow in supporting you due to
imagined and legitimate concerns. Your liberal roots sometimes show but let
this serve as a warning. You may as well join us on the Right as a
revolution is afoot. If you cling to some of your leftist views of the past
and do not come willingly, we will drag you to our side. It is the only
thing that will save the Union. Questions surrounding your religion have to
be put behind us all for the good of our country and I, for one, have moved
on. When faced with the choice between a Mormon with many of our similarly
held principles and a man that sat in a vile, racist "church" for over 20
years listening to black separatist dogma and who feels the Muslim call to
prayer is one of the most beautiful sounds on Earth, the decision is easy.
Regardless of our personal religious beliefs, there is no contest and we
must stand with you. If you will be the bold leader we need, we pledge to
you our support and trust. We are electing a man to lead us on the path of
economic recovery, reestablish our safe borders and promote American
exceptionalism. You are now our standard-bearer and the last hope of a
battered populace. Stand, Mr. Romney. Be bold.
Chris Gadsden and Good Americans Everywhere