Thursday, November 1, 2012


This is what can be done in every major city, in front of major networks and newspapers.  The story needs to be told, the Government needs to be held accountable.  Four Americans died, they were left behind.  This is unforgivable.

Pinellas 912 rallied outside their local CBS affiliate in Tampa, Florida.  What are you willing to do??  Don't give up.  They are making it VERY difficult for us to get in touch.  They are hanging up on us, putting up voice mail that is always full.  But we must not be deterred.  We must find a way to get around them.  TIME TO TAKE IT TO THE STREETS.  Rally your Capitol, Rally in DC, Rally in front of local news media, Rally in your neighborhood.   Please watch the video of the patriots in Florida and get ready to be inspired.

Start sending FAX messages to media.    Call or visit.  I have provided links with numbers, fax and addresses.  Get a group together and go visit your local TV station.

Start sending FAX messages to Darrell Issa.  202-225-3303 (fax)  202-225-3906 (DC office).

Barrage Issa.  Hit him HARD!!  And don't let up.  Send a FAX…I just did and the line is not busy YET!!   Keep you message simple.  Don't be rude.  FAX him daily…….several times per day.

Go out on and send your rep a message

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