Friday, November 30, 2012


This is a post that requires action from all of us.  A fellow patriot put this letter together for all of us to distribute on your walls, your lists, and to send to your representatives via fax or snail mail.  Tweet with hashtag benghazi, tcot, fraud, ACA, etc.

Together we can make a difference.  So lets get it done.

To Whom It May Concern:

We The People find ourselves in a very uncomfortable place and we look to you as the representatives of our country for the answers we seek. Please know that there are many millions who share these feelings, and if the elections had been conducted in a fair manner, the results would have reflected our concerns.
 Below, you will find a collaborative list of questions, and we would greatly appreciate receiving your answers in a timely manner. We will make our decisions accordingly, as this is still the land of the free, and our country’s future is at stake.

  1. Why with wide-spread voter fraud, can this election not be contested? Why are we bound to an agreement reached in 1981?
  2. On Benghazi:
Why were security teams actually removed in the months and weeks leading up to 9/11 when the violence was escalating and the people on the ground said more was needed?
We can prove Obama had knowledge of the attack, as well as the resources to send for protection but he still denied vital help. These are impeachable offenses. What is your stance on this? Do you agree that this President needs to be impeached?  What are you doing about Benghazi?
  1. Regarding Obamacare:
 There is so much that is being enacted behind closed doors. We request that there be no more secrets.  We should be able to know the stipulations in their entirety and We the People should be able to vote on it. We need the specifics. The doctors have no idea how they will be paid/reimbursed after January. The hospitals are flying blind, unsure of what they will be fined for.  It is hard to run a business, as many know, without a business plan.  Do the States have the right to reject Obamacare? We need specifics about ALL taxes we will incur, including 1% on every banking transaction on all bank accounts. We also require specifics on the Over 70 Group.
  1. Concerning our Military:
How do you feel about  Obama firing 20,000 Marines so he can give $6 billion U.S. taxpayer dollars to Muslims for ‘green’ energy'? What accountability does this President have? How about the debt ceiling? Raising it will give this Administration more funds to waste on our demise. Is the House going to hold true to their promises?
  1. The FCC is directed by five commissioners who are appointed by the President of the United States and confirmed by the U.S. Senate. This is a serious problem, as you know. Do states have the right to secede, as Texas is in process of attempting to do now?
Finally, we have condensed the list of grievances down to those we feel are most important and would like answers to the following, as to what is being DONE to remedy these atrocities in our country.

  1. Dept. Of Interior, Green Energy Fraud.... what is being done here?

  1. Fast and Furious- what is being done about this? Gun running?

  1. Seal Team 6 shot down
  2.   College transcripts of Barack Hussein Obama
  3.   Record number of Generals, Admirals retired.
  4.   Give-away of Alaska lands to Russia
  5.   Retirement of 20,0000 marines
  6.   Give away of drilling rights in the Gulf
  7.   Muslim Brotherhood infiltration into the White House
  8.   Hamas training bases on the border
  9.   Surrender of sovereign lands in Arizona to drug Cartels
  10.   Drone attacks on American Citizens, arrests of our troops on the battlefield for taking out targets of opportunity to appease host Muslim nations.... and the lies about Libya during the NATO operation...
  11.  Why do we have a Taliban lawyer in the Justice Dept?
  12.  NDAA, and the UN making decisions AGAINST the U.S. Constitution
  13.  The use of the Foreign Desk to buy our own debt to generate fees for Goldman Sachs

I realize this is a lengthy list. However, it does not even cover an eighth of our concerns, and was difficult to condense. This will be widely publicized, along with your response.
 The American people need and deserve answers, and we would appreciate you taking the time to give them to us. We ask, however, that your responses be clear and concise, and that you spare us from a long drawn out diatribe that has little to do with the questions being asked, as we will take that as you do not think we are important enough to take seriously, and act accordingly with our support!
Thank you for your time and attention to this urgent matter! We believe that you take these issues as seriously as we do, and for that, you have our deep respect and heartfelt gratitude.
The American People


  1. Complete contact list for Gov officials

  2. Don't forget about all the Obama saying things off camera. like this one with his wife.. If he doesn't like our flag what about Isarel Flag.. And we know how he feels about Isarel.. Remember the many videos that he didn't know we seen or heard.

  3. Let's take our country back nnow.if the congress doesn't bring charges against him for treason we the citizens can. And we have the guts to do it.

  4. Stop this lunatic. Get onboard.
    Monica Crow

  5. AWESOME. Will get right on this.

  6. Great, I hope others will do same. Email list for all Reps is in my first comment above.