Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I am tired of hearing the media complain that Romney has no plan. He has a great plan to get this country back on track, vs. Barrack Obama whose only plan is massive taxation and outrageous spending.
Please share this page with your friends and lists, with the undecideds and fence sitters. Many people won't take the time to look for the information to educate themselves and will be grateful for this easy access.
Below is a series of links regarding Mitt Romney's Jobs and Economic Growth. The 1st is five Bullet Points to his plan.
 MittRomney's Policy Plans for Jobs & Economic Growth: 
4)Human Capital 
5)Fiscal - 
 Human Capital: MittRomney : Plan to Retrain Workers & also Attract the Best & Brightest http://www.mittromney.com/issues/human-capital 
Spending: MittRomney : Plan to Stop & Turn around Out of Control Spending http://mi.tt/QbPjnm
Labor: MittRomney Steps improving Policy for Free Enterprise, Free Choice & Free Speech http://mi.tt/QbOLhw
 Energy: MittRomney : 15 Steps to Utilize USA Resources while Safeguarding Environment http://mi.tt/QbOLOt 
 Trade: MittRomney : 9 Steps to Restore Free Trade & Open Markets http://mi.tt/QbO0Fd 
 Regulations: MittRomney 9 Steps to Roll Back the Obama Era Regulations http://mi.tt/QbMW49 
 Medicare: MittRomney :Plan to Safeguard Seniors & Empower Younger Citizens with Choices http://mi.tt/TQDmG9 
 Social Security: MittRomney :Plan to Safeguard Current Seniors & Save for Future Youth http://mi.tt/QbQ93E
 Healthcare: MittRomney : Obamacare Repeal & Replacement Steps for States http://mi.tt/QbPRK4
 Taxes: MittRomney : 9 Steps to Restructure the Tax Code http://mi.tt/QbLcHW
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