Tuesday, August 14, 2012


h/t Dave Weston

Leftist groups like LaRaza on behalf of illegal immigrants, ACORN, the NAACP and the New Black Panther Party on behalf of blacks, and CAIR on behalf of Jihadists, the Obama administration is creating the perfect racially charged storm across America.

None of these groups are listed on the Southern Poverty Law Center list of “potential domestic terrorists” used by Obama’s Department of Homeland Security as the playbook for dealing with domestic terrorism, national security or racial tensions. Only “right-wing” constitutionally grounded taxpayers and military veterans make the list of “potential threats” under the Obama administration.

None of this is accidental or without purpose. Racial tensions were nonexistent in most parts of America, until Obama came on the scene.

Before Obama was elected illegal resident of the people’s White House, few in America cared what color, race or religion anyone was… Since the 2008 election, the word “racism” has been exploited as a political tool to silence any and all voices of dissent.

Tea Party, 912 and Town Hall folks, largely made up of aging American taxpayers, most of them white of course, have been painted by the Obama administration and his lame stream press as “racists” and “potential” terrorists.

Yet every available film clip demonstrating any form of thuggery or violence shows Black, Mexican or Muslim Obama supporters burning the streets, trashing businesses and private property, intimidating voters, threatening citizens or actually beating up anyone daring to disagree in public.

An all out race war is being ignited by the very people who claim to want a color blind society of equality and the central front is Arizona. This is Obama’s “citizen army.”

People, who believe that the real American military will use force to put down citizen resisters of this administration, do not know their soldiers very well. Obama must have another army in order to put down decent American citizens opposed to communism in America.

Obama’s “citizen army” is made up of Democratic Socialists, Black Panthers, illegal immigrants from Mexico and Jihadists. They are all racially charged to attack decent American citizens, more so by the hour.

Every act of opposition to Obammunism has already been established an act of “racism” and Obama’s army is ready to pounce… We are already seeing it happen is pockets around the country.

Instead of using federal powers to uphold laws protecting our nation’s borders, the Obama administration has chosen to use the full weight of the federal government to attack the state of Arizona for attempting to legally enforce standing immigration laws.

This is consistent with Team Obama’s heavy-handed dictatorial tyranny over the states and the people, which has manifest in several full frontal assaults on both state and individual rights. But there is much more to it than meets the eye for most American citizens.

It is all part of a grand plan for leftist political domination…

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