Thursday, August 30, 2012


In the early days of the primary campaign I was in support of Herman Cain, the 9 9 9 man and bought one of his books.  There is one passage in his book that stayed with me. It mentioned that when people asked him to do this or that or change something about himself, from early on in his career, his motto always was "let Herman be Herman".

Today I would like to pass this thought on to all that keep saying, Mitt Romney has to humanize himself,  Ann's speech had to humanize him, or as we so often hear, Mitt has to define himself.  My goodness, what does a guy have to do?  As of today, anyone that says that me, my answer will be, "Let Mitt be Mitt".  I have seen enough segments of his rallies, people that know him attest to the fact what an upstanding, successful, caring man he is, that it is time now to Let Mitt be Mitt.  I see a family man that loves his wife, his 5 children and 18 grandchildren. I see a businessman that for years helped turn failing companies around and consequently created thousands of jobs. I see a man that had skills to turn a failing olympics around.  I see a Governor that could work with an all democratic legislature in Massachussetts and bring their unemployment down to 4.7 %, I see a man that has a vision how to turn this rapidly failing economy around.  I see a man over and over that knows how to surround himself with the best of the best in all areas of life and business and I believe that's what helped him become so successful. I've seen him wipe his tears when touched by an outpouring of support of him during the Michigan rally, I see him watch his beautiful wife Ann in adoration and with respect.

I see a man that is not running for president for himself, the power or the money.  He is a man that cares about his country and feels a calling to step in and help turn it around just like he did when he ran Bain. Let Mitt be Mitt, he has the skillset, energy and vision how to fix the mess we are in.



  1. Do we need more humanizing than this? When have we ever seen a truly unselfish deed from Obama?