Wednesday, August 22, 2012


A facebook friend of mine got into a spat with a liberal over an article she posted on her page. Some of us tried to come to her rescue, although, she didn't need it. Not knowing the attacker, it didn't take long to know for sure it was a liberal. Who else would spew nasty, insulting names and comments.  Obviously that is all they have left because they sure have nothing to run on.  What finally stopped the comments was Karen's post, which I want to share with my readers, because this lady truly searched her heart and soul before making the decision to support and vote for Mitt Romney. She also shares my opinion of Romney's character.

" I am a Moderate and was an Independent. 

Many, many months ago, way before the primaries, I really didn’t know what to think and thought I should because our economy and govt are in such a mess. I joined a liberal FB group who said they were moderate, and so I’d really fit in. They were all really nice people and I made a lot of friends, but I had to decide for myself what I thought. 

I read O’s books and really everything I could. More recently, I read Dave Maraniss’ biography of O, which is pretty pro-O but also objective in many respects. I joined an Independent FB group and learned a lot about Ron Paul, social liberals, and anarchists, as well Romney and O. 

I became an Independent years ago, because I did not like the Bushes, but I was unsure of what to think about O. After everything I’ve read, all I can say … I've looked at life from both sides now ... it's life's illusions I recall. I really don't know O at all ...

I firmly support Romney. I could not have supported any of the other Republican candidates, except perhaps Cain. It really came down to, in the end, which way I want our country to go … and I don’t want it to go the way O is leading us and I think Romney has the best chance to get us out of this mess.

I firmly believe Romney is one of the most ethical persons to run for office. (Some of my family and friends know him personally.) It’s more that I believe in his character and good works than that I agree with him on every single issue. He is exactly who he represents himself to be: he is supremely honest, intelligent, hard working, and moral, and most of all believes in our country. 

He has never lied, cheated, or been in any way dishonest. He did not ship jobs overseas, he paid his taxes (30% … see my post about that ), he had a blind trust that invested overseas (like Pelosi and Valerie Jarrett, among many Democrats) … and well, I could go on but I just want you to know that Romney has been greatly maligned.

And why? I sometimes can’t believe he’s actually putting himself through all of this, just to help our country. He has nothing to gain financially or politically. He is a total gift to Americans. He is doing this because he loves Americans and he wants to help. 

He will stop spending more money than we have, he will stop putting us into debt to other countries, he will try to save the economy, he will help to get businesses going again and get people back to work, he will stop the massive spending by govt to create artificial jobs that do not grow the economy, he will get Medicare on track, he will work toward a national system of healthcare, and he will help everyone so they don’t have to depend on the govt for survival.

We are at one of the biggest crossroads in our country’s history. I can’t sit back like I did before and let things “go the way they go.” After all of the research I’ve done, I know Romney is our best choice for our survival."


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  2. According to "America Thinker" we should worry about Obama even if he loses... Check it out...

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