Saturday, July 28, 2012


 Written on Saturday, July 28, 2012 by Chris Gadsden

Dear Future President-Elect Romney,

 <> I am
writing to voice the concerns of many good Americans today. You have some
monumentally important choices coming up. The first of which is the decision
on your Vice President, followed by further campaign direction, debate
preparation and strategy. Please listen to the American people for time is
running out. I am hoping you learned something from John McCain's abortion
of a presidential run and will instead be a bold candidate who will actually
make a stand. Our country is currently under attack by an anti-American
Chicago thug who slithered into office under the premise of hope and change.
Though he swore to uphold our laws and Constitution, the last three years of
obamanation have been horrific for most of us as our Constitution has been
trampled or ignored. Czars, tax-cheats, union goons, and other extreme
leftists have been appointed to positions of power. Free enterprise and
capitalism have been denigrated and maligned, causing astronomical misery
for the working and unemployed alike. obama has bailed out unions and
supporters while real workers suffer. We now have fewer individuals entering
the workforce than those beginning to suckle on the teat of government
welfare and disability programs. Our religion is under pressure from the
White House and far-left cronies that spit on the Christian foundations
established by the Founders. Our national sovereignty is eroded by our
supposed Commander-in-Chief as he has reduced our weapon stockpiles
drastically, all the while bowing (literally and figuratively) to leaders of
foreign lands. This man whom you hope to replace (and better if the American
dream is to survive) may as well have put a bullet in Border Patrol Brian
Terry himself as he now covers up his administration's crimes. Related to
this, our nation's boarders are nothing but lines on a map as border guard
numbers are reduced and illegal aliens are allowed to invade our cities.
These illegals even include multiple relatives of obama himself. Your
opponent was raised by Communists and has no understanding of the American
Dream, our nation's exceptional history or even basic economics.
Indoctrinated into the teachings of Saul Alinski, he feels we have grown too
big and must be cut down to size. At every step, he undercuts our
foundations in order to destroy our country and rebuild as a socialist
utopia. Obamacare was just the beginning. Our great land has an
exponentially growing debt, ballooning more under this President than under
the rest combined and it is an intentional effort to overburden the system
based on the radical plans of the 1960s (read about the intentions of the
founders of ACORN). While this man pushes progressivism, socialized
medicine, abortions, and spreads our wealth, we cry out for leadership; not
a smile and a handshake. You must be bold, Mr. Romney.
 <> obama,
unable to run on his own record (at least publically....assuredly he brags
about his accomplishments behind closed doors), simply assails you and other
wealthy Americans. Mr. Romney, you must STAND UP and be proud of your
accomplishments. Though you would not believe it by listening to the
left-leaning media, most Americans aspire to be successful and wealthy. The
top earners pay the most taxes and hire the rest of us. We do not hate those
of your ilk. We despise the jealous Occupy zombies while they whine, collect
their 99 weeks of unemployment and pray for the downfall of our way of life.
You must champion us, capitalism, business and all that our country has done
to lead the world from darkness to bounty and light in the last 200+ years.
We, as free Americans with the Conservative direction of our Founding
Fathers, drove that. Liberal methods of governing have failed in every
single burgh, city, town, state and country in which they have been
attempted. State this fact. Champion us but do not coddle us or favor one
over another. Individuals fail. Businesses fail. None are too big. You must
be our standard bearer, for another four years of indoctrination in
government dependency may be too much to overcome. We all want to be
successful and wealthy. Most of us work to achieve success while the
perverse underbelly of society simply wishes to sponge and mooch and live in
jealously. Make this stop, Mr. Romney.
 <> You must
also push back against the unions perverting our economy. While their groups
held some worth many years ago, they are now nothing more than blackmail
organizations that provide a slush fund for Democrat causes. You must crush
them and return control of industry to the people that DID, Mr. President,
BUILD THEIR BUSINESS THEMSELVES. The Left complains about corporations
donating money to elections while their unions rape workers by forcing them
to pay dues that are then funneled to left-leaning causes. Follow the path
mapped by Governor Scott Walker and stop these villains, Mr. Romney.
You are a business man and must act as, in addition to Commander-in-Chief,
CFO of America. You must not squander the opportunity, as Bush did, to
promote positive change in Washington. Eliminate the Departments of Energy
and Education. They are useless examples of a bloated bureaucracy and every
second they steal our tax dollars to have talentless employees shuffle
papers. They have failed in their mission and must be eliminated. Also, you
must streamline the tax code and make it far simpler to actually conduct
business. Reduce the corporate tax rate to 10% or less and all of those jobs
that American companies moved overseas will return, along with billions in
foreign investment. If you make these bold but business-friendly changes,
industry will flock to our shores as the socialists running other lands
squeeze them out. As Reagan always understood, government inhibits success
so eliminate as much as possible and we can avert this coming disaster!
You must also secure our borders and make those from foreign lands
assimilate, not have the government kowtow to every whim and custom these
people bring with them. They must come here legally, speak English, pay
taxes, participate in American society or go home. All good Americans know
this and are crying out for a leader with the testicular fortitude to say
it. We do NOT want to "Press 1" for English any longer. Do not allow people
to come here, demand (Sharia) laws of their old lands, and segregate
themselves into little groups. Mr. Romney, as the immigrants from our first
150 years knew, they must become Americans, not simply come and live in
On a more pressing issue, your Vice Presidential pick is coming up and is
vastly important. This is not the time to partner with a boring Pawlenty or
Portman and certainly a Bush-era Condi Rice (pro-abortion and not that great
in the international realm frankly) pick would be terrible. Excite the base
and all Americans with a choice the ilk of Rubio, Ryan, Jindal or DeMint. If
you are playing the "pick a VP from a must-win state", at least make it
Governor Bob McDonnell of Virginia. Once the VP pick and convention are
behind you, you could restoke the fires by announcing your cabinet choices.
This would be another brilliant move to rouse the base. The names positively
mentioned above, if not Vice President, could fill other roles.
Additionally, Gingrich, Santorum and Perry could clean up other festering
areas of government. John Bolton could either be Secretary of State or
return to the U.N. for our inherent American liberties are under constant
attack by those pushing for international government. The most staggering,
brilliant, ironic, fantastic move could then be announcing Ron Paul as head
of the Federal Reserve. You would immediately get the support of many
Libertarians and independents while striking fear into the heart of the
corrupt Fed system. Please make a stand and do not play politics. Americans
are tired of corrupt cabinet officials, czars (you MUST eliminate all of
those on Day One) and perversions of government. Please hear the call of the
 <> As the
campaign and debates unfold, I must once again implore you to be BOLD, Mr.
Romney. Handling President obama with kid-gloves as you have thus far is not
the way. Do not muckrake but TELL THE TRUTH. He was raised by radicals and
Communists, schooled overseas, found religion in a racist church and has
recently been proven to have joined the Communist Party in Chicago in
earlier days. He refuses to disclose any information about his formative
years and those details in his books have proven to be lies. He taught
socialism as a lecturer, worked for and was a staunch supporter of the
radical ACORN organization, and even fought to have babies that survived
abortions be treated as trash and die. For his limited time in public
service, he was independently determined to be the most liberal during his
(brief) time in the U.S. Senate. Have the nerve to say these truths. Did you
not learn from the gutless political methodology of Senator John McCain four
years ago? While I will always respect his service to our country, it
appears McCain lost his spine in the war. Politicians like him, Lindsey
Graham and others that bend over backwards to not offend and get along are
useless when the stakes are this high. A vast number of Americans, gaining
news from Facebook or shows on Comedy Central, are not engaged in the
political process and have been brainwashed into believing obama is a nice
guy, doing a good job, supporting American principles, wants the country to
succeed and has a transparent presidency. Only those of us that pay
attention know the truth. You, Mr. Romney, have to spread the word. You have
to be our voice. You have to come to the Right. Our Country, the vision of
the Founders, the very well-being of the entire world, rests on your
shoulders. If you fail, you fail us all. This is one of the most important
U.S. elections in our history and will decide if we are still the shining
city on a hill or a socialist dung pile like most of Europe.
Until now, too many of us have been content to stay on the sideline but it
has become obvious that we will not survive as a great nation under the
crushing heel of this vile individual another four years. In the hope for
another Ronald Reagan, many of us have been slow in supporting you due to
imagined and legitimate concerns. Your liberal roots sometimes show but let
this serve as a warning. You may as well join us on the Right as a
revolution is afoot. If you cling to some of your leftist views of the past
and do not come willingly, we will drag you to our side. It is the only
thing that will save the Union. Questions surrounding your religion have to
be put behind us all for the good of our country and I, for one, have moved
on. When faced with the choice between a Mormon with many of our similarly
held principles and a man that sat in a vile, racist "church" for over 20
years listening to black separatist dogma and who feels the Muslim call to
prayer is one of the most beautiful sounds on Earth, the decision is easy.
Regardless of our personal religious beliefs, there is no contest and we
must stand with you. If you will be the bold leader we need, we pledge to
you our support and trust. We are electing a man to lead us on the path of
economic recovery, reestablish our safe borders and promote American
exceptionalism. You are now our standard-bearer and the last hope of a
battered populace. Stand, Mr. Romney. Be bold.
Chris Gadsden and Good Americans Everywhere

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