Tuesday, July 17, 2012


From a Democrat in MA 
Look's like under Mitt the State of Ma.unemployment rate fell.1.1 %..He balanced the budget.Left with a surplus of million's..The average income of MA was well above the National Average...He was a Republican Gov in a Dem State..And still did a great job..The Dem's of Mas respect him..His speech when he became Gov was less than 15 minutes and filled with very little detail of what he would do..I think he is a man of action not just empty promises and word's..Anyone that takes over this country..has a battle a head of them..We are a mess..It may sound silly and i hate to even bring Reagan ired of people pulling on his coat tail's that didn't even know him..But i can only think of his word's..ARE YOU AND YOUR FRIEND'S AND FAMILY BETTER OFF NOW,THEN YOU WERE 4 YEAR'S AGO..VERY FEW CAN AND WILL SAY YES TO THAT..

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