Tuesday, December 11, 2012


This has been a long time coming and today Michigan made history.  Unions were needed at one time, but unfortunately their leaders have become too greedy and too beholden to politics.  Union members have to digg deep into their pockets to pay their dues and many of them resent it. Now they have a choice, a choice to belong to the union or not. Why this new law was protested I do not understand. Collective bargaining has not been stripped.  It is simply a bill for individual freedom.

But it was a battle to get it done. Protesters were brought in from other states. Three Detroit area school systems closed so their teachers could go protesting. The protesters got loud, aggressive and some were violent. Much of it however has not been reported by the Main Stream Media, i.e. NBC, ABC etc.

Here is an article about Steven Crowder, a Fox News contributer, that was punched 4 times. http://nation.foxnews.com/steven-crowder/2012/12/11/union-thugs-attack-steven-crowder

Another person shared this tidbit:  After two and a half hours of being screamed at with profanity, being spat on (twice) and threatened for having a different point of view (without ever saying a word in response), our safe haven tents were stormed and tore down by protestors and slashed up with box cutters. The icing on the cake was being assaulted as I walked away. Really? This is what democracy looks like? P.S. I'm ok.

Others are threatening with more violence in the future and I just heard that THE Reverend Jesse Jackson is calling for a statewide strike.

Fedup USA editor Stephanie Jasky had this to say: The Right-To-Work legislation attempts to undo something that was amoral and discriminatory to begin with: using the force of government to require all people in certain fields of work to pay union dues in order to be employed. The government should have no role in playing favorites or in forcing some people to do the bidding of others.
Just yesterday President Obama visited the Michigan Diesel plant. He used this purely to rile up the people and lied to them what this bill is really about. He said that the Right to work bill means right to make less.  This was uncalled for and very unpresidential.

Recently, the Michigan legislature voted down the Obamacare State Exchange and today they finalized their vote to make Michigan the 24th Right to Work State.  Many thanks go to Governor Snyder who showed himself as a leader to get things done, and many thanks go to our Michigan legislature who listened to their constituents and made history today. 

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  1. Breaking: this just in: It's official: Michigan's GOP Governor Rick Snyder JUST signed Right-To-Work into law! Michigan becomes the 24th state in the nation to adopt the legislation.