Friday, April 30, 2010


"On 1/20/2001, GWBush was sworn in as President. On September 11, 2001 George Bush flew planes into the World Trade Center Towers, knocking them down! On the same day, he flew a plane into the side of the Pentagon and another one into the ground in Pennsylvania!! On August 18, 2002 the nefarious Mr. Bush caused Hurrican... Andrew to demolish part of south Florida. He liked that so well that on August 29, 2005, he ushered in Hurricane Katrina. Then in 2006, George Bush burst the housing bubble. This caused depression to descend on the country.

On January 20, 2009, Barack Obama was sworn in as President. Following that date, GW Bush caused further collapses in our economy. Due solely to the amazing action taken by the Barack, he encourage and authorized spending three or four times (depending on your sources) MORE money in the Obama's first year of office than George Bush did in his entire 8 year Presidency. That has resulted in an upswing in the economy of about 3%, and unemployment is down to 9.6%! (Compared to the appox. 5% number that Mr. Bush held.) This downswing in unemployment from the peak of nearly 10% has obviously angered George Bush43 so much that he exploded the Deepwater Horizon oil rig on April 21, 2010!

In other unrelated actions, George W. Bush also caused the entire northern Polar Ice cap to melt, resulting in the deaths of all the Polar Bears in the world (they eat ice, don'tcha know!)

I've got some soon to be Gulf of Missouri property for sale. More than thirty 1 acre lots are available! Order quickly, when these are gone, that will be it!!"
h/t Gale Wisdom

I had found the above on Facebook and had to share it as I've been thinking the same all day, with the oil spill and all.  Notice how the MSM is already protecting the Gangster government from their already too slow action on the oil spills.  Some things never change.



  1. It's amazing how the state-run media have been protecting Obama since he came on the scene. They are just as much to blame as him (if not more) for the problems we are having. They have been negligent in their duty to report the truth. If they reported the truth, Obama would not be President today.

  2. I think they (the media) will rather go down with him than tell the truth. How do they sleep?

  3. Gale Wisdom08 January, 2012

    I just "googled" my name and found this! Thanks for re-publishing my satirical article and crediting me for it.