Monday, October 4, 2010


This is part of an email that came to me and originated by a current Congressman . People everywhere need to know about this. Gary Peters, the newly reformed spendaholic ran as fast as he could, after all, he's trying to save his job, now that 1000s of his voters jobs are lost.

Dear Friend,

Last week in the middle of the night, Speaker Nancy Pelosi gaveled the official 111th Session of the House of Representatives to a close.

And what a finish it was. In the closing moments the Speaker herself cast the tie-breaking vote for a massive tax increase on working families all across Michigan and a lame duck session of Congress where the Speaker can force through a variety of new taxes, borrowing and spending bills that she failed to pass over the past two years.

Thanks to the Speaker's vote, the average family in Michigan is facing a $1,500 tax increase on January 1, while families in southeast and mid-Michigan are looking at federal income tax bills of $7,000 to $10,00 dollars.

After a session filled with budget busting spending, a health care bill that makes health insurance harder to get and more expensive to keep and an energy bill that intentionally raises your gas and electric bills and sends the money to Wall Street, you would think that Nancy Pelosi and her minions would be happy to finish their term with a massive tax increase, but you would be wrong.

The truth is, buried in the adjournment resolution is a plan to bring the House of Representatives back into session after Election Day, but before the new Congress is sworn in for a "lame-duck" session of Congress where the Speaker can complete her liberal bucket list. On tap for the lame-duck:

Amnesty for illegal immigrants

A new tax increase on small businesses

A new "renewable electricity standard" that will increase your electric bill

New expansions of welfare benefits

Ratification of President Obama's Dangerous Treaty with Russia

I will continue to fight these outrageous proposals. With Election Day closing in on November 2nd, we have a chance to stop Speaker Pelosi's assault on our nation, our constitution, our free-market economy and our national defense. With a strong showing on election day, we can stop the Democrats' plan for a lame duck and provide a conservative, sensible check to their extreme agenda.

Thank you as always for your continued support and friendship. See you on the campaign trail.


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