Tuesday, January 18, 2011

IRONY ALERT "I want to know whose a... to kiss"

With permission by my Facebook friend, writer and cartoonist, John Richards.

Who can forget Obama’s classic line “I want to know whose ass to kick” while oil was pouring into the gulf last June. Well here we are in January with gas prices shooting up and no end in sight, crude prices rising over 30 percent in the last four months while the world is awash in oil, and… silence. Maybe I missed it. Has Obama asked again “whose ass do I kick”? I didn’t think so.

So what has Obama done to secure our energy supply? Well he’s banned drilling in the offshore waters of our country and we now have less domestically produced oil and those oil rigs have moved on to friendlier countries. But at least we won’t have leaks in the gulf anymore… what’s that?... Russians and Cuban’s are drilling there instead!... then who does he kick when they have a leak? And then he closed off huge tracts of Alaskan land to drilling in order to save the Polar bears (without oil rig workers what are the Polar bears going to eat?) And just last week he had his EPA rescind an already approved permit for a new coal mine, but only after the mine owners had already made the investment to harvest the coal (keep this up and in ten years kids won’t even know what a “coal miner’s daughter” is). That’s sure to scare off any new mine development and help us achieve energy independence.

So what’s his energy plan? Well it’s green energy of course! And why do they call it “green” energy in the first place. Because it’ll cost all of us a lot more green. But Obama said he’s going to make us the green energy leaders… what’s that?... China is the leader in green energy equipment… and they’re smart enough to make the machinery but not use it… they just sell it to us so they have more oil for their own country and economy… that’s pretty smart. Too bad Obama didn’t think of that one! By the way, don’t you wish you had a gallon of gas for every time a Democratic governor said they were going to make their state the leader in green energy production.

Does green energy have a future? Maybe, but it’s way in the future. This is the United States of America. It’s not part of the American psyche to pay a lot more and get a lot less. To prove their point, the “global warming”, “climate change”, or whatever they call themselves this week fear mongers have found their true champion in Barack Obama. Finally they have a president who, if they can’t make their green energy more cost effective than carbon fuels and nuclear power, is more than happy to artificially inflate prices to make their economic case all while bringing our gross domestic product down to say that of… well… Kenya for example.

I’d like to stay and talk about how Obama and Company are trying to enact “cap and trade” through executive fiat but I want to be first in line at the gas station when they start rationing.

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