Monday, February 21, 2011


It's Monday! Time for the latest installment of Moron of the Day! What I love about morons is that they make this so easy. Once again our Moron of the Day is a group of morons. Have you ever noticed how morons seem to love company? You almost always see one moron right next to another. Maybe they should sell those T-shirts that say "I...'m with stupid" with the arrow pointing one way or the other in pairs with the arrows pointing at each other. Nah… bad idea. Real morons wouldn't know if they should be on the right or the left. (I meant right or left physically, we know all morons are on the left politically.) But enough of this, you want to know who the morons are.

Today's prize goes to the doctors roaming through the protesters in Madison Wisconsin handing out phony medical excuses. What makes these allegedly highly educated professionals eligible for this prestigious award? Well, as you know, you really have to work at it. One bad decision might be called foolish. Two could be thought of as stupid. Three or more and were talking championship moron material. So here we go!

First with the obvious, they were falsifying medical records. And these do qualify as medical records. Plus they become part of an employee's personnel file. I've even heard that in just about every state this is a crime

Their second moronic act was violating medical ethics. Now I know ethics classes are incredibly boring but you do have to stay awake for at least part of it, after all it may come in handy when the moron side of your brain comes out of hiding. Not only that, unethical behavior in your chosen career field could just limit you in the future. (Were any of us ever that young and stupid, or for that matter, old and stupid?) . I mean what’s next? Doctors wearing sandwich signs that read “get your free oxycontin scrips here”?

Third, they did all of this in public with video cameras rolling no less. I mean if you're going to risk your career and possibly be charged with a crime wouldn't you tend to want to do that in private? (Speaking of “in private”, I wonder what else they’ve done with the camera on? And don’t buy that “it was for anatomy class” excuse.) Things are really starting to snowball aren’t they?

The fourth piece of evidence is that they would jeopardize years of education and hard work to perform this great "community service". Not only that, they have possibly thrown away the untold thousands of dollars their parents invested in them. Do they not care about their parents old-age pensions? Isn't that what this whole protest is about, pensions?

But what tipped the scales here like a ton of bricks was their terrible fashion sense. Who wears lab coats in public anyways? And as long as were talking about fashion what about their so-called "patients"? Did you see anyone in a hospital gown? If you had then it wouldn't have been just the doctors making complete asses of themselves.

So there you have it. The Moron of the Day for this Monday, have a wonderful evening and above all don't get sick. I’ve heard there’s a real doctor shortage everywhere but the Wisconsin State Capital Building.

printed with permission by John Richards

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