Thursday, June 30, 2011


To my readers:  A fellow facebook friend and patriot posted this and with her permission I  wanted to pass it on as I couldn't have said  it better.

So, my fellow Christian Conservative Patriots, our elected officials have sold us out. They have taken our tax dollars, and used them for selfish and immoral purposes. They've given money to our enemies for years. They invite our enemies to come live amongst us, and give them free government handouts from our hard-earned wages. And those same thieves are now voting against us in all important matters of life, including our rights to freedom of religion. Immorality is at an alarming low, and getting worse daily. We're losing our jobs, homes, and savings due to the very policies they put in place, yet they refuse to change course, or do what's right for America. We stupidly keep electing the same immoral, criminal people to rule over us. 

Congress and our courts refuse to address the issue of Obama's eligibility. Why? What is their payoff? I am done with our corrupt politicians. They won't get a single penny from me, or my vote again, because I don't see them impeaching the illegal terrorist usurper in the White House, prosecuting those gunrunning at the ATF, closing our borders, etc. In general, I don't see our legislators doing what is right for us. 

Complaining won't change things. They aren't listening and don't care. They have guaranteed pensions and healthcare, while they steal, and ruin ours. That we haven't stopped them, or changed the regime, removed them from office is quite troubling to me. That we lose more freedoms everyday is terrifying. That we haven't shut down the propaganda machines called public broadcasting, is disheartening. 

The knowledge that my fellow Americans allow their children to continue attending the public indoctrination centers for their "education," and continue allowing those precious children to be spoonfed Communist, Humanistic, false science garbage, while promoting false religions, and denying freedom of the Christian religion, to me is appalling. 

Knowing that few attend city council or township meetings, barely know those whom they are electing to reign over them is inconceivable. My fellow Americans have put their own very lives into the hands of a corrupt, immoral group of Globalist "elites," who are trying to dictate every aspect of our lives, from the foods we eat, to what we can do in our homes and businesses, and the list goes on... That so few fight the creeping Communism/Socialism/Marxism/Progressivism/Fascism (or whatever label you choose to assign), and even Sharia law, and evil ideologies is beyond comprehension. 

Can anyone tell me how Obama is still in office? Why is Soros not in prison for war crimes, and allowed to continue destroying nations? Why aren't we fighting the Federal Reserve's raping of America? Why does our Federal Government refuse to secure our borders? And why are we doing nothing to stop this madness? We have become a nation of blind, shortsighted, incompetent fools. I am losing faith in my fellow Americans.

H/T Anne Phelps - Facebook group: Standup Speak out

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