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Nothing new, but a credible source indicating that following through with the agenda is potentially dangerous and illegal.

Dear Friends,

Today, I completed the initial phase of notification of major utility companies in the Southeast US of the substantial legal and financial risk they face from imposition of manmade global warming laws, regulations or any action based on the failed anthropogenic global warming (AGW) or manmade global warming theory.

This notification was in the form of the recently published letter to Florida Governor Rick Scott. A copy is attached. Other information including a related article from Dr. Rich Swier at was also sent. The article is attached.

The effort is to bring to the attention of utility executives that new scientific evidence shows that the AGW theory is unreliable, that greenhouse gasses caused by mankind's industrial activity have at best, a miniscule impact on climate. It further establishes that attempts to mitigate atmospheric content through carbon credit trading, or other means like carbon sequestration, not only will not help but may be both a net financial loss and potentially illegal.

The companies so notified are:

1. Southern Company - CEO Mr. Thomas Fanning

2.Orlando Utilities Commission (OUC) - CEO and GM Mike Ksionek

3.NextEra Energy, Inc (Parent co. of Florida Power and Light) - Corporate Media Office.

4. Progress Energy, Inc - Chairman, CEO William D. "Bill" Johnson

I will continue to extend the notification to other utility companies and state governors.

Please feel free to use this email or the attachments as you wish for public or private communication as they are in the public domain.

Best Regards,

John Casey

John L. Casey
Space and Science Research Corporation
P.O.Box 607841
Orlando, FL 32860
            (407) 667-4860

Space and Science Research Corporation
P.O. Box 607841
* Orlando, FL 32860
TEL:             407-667-4860       *

Office of the Governor Rick Scott
 State of Florida The Capitol
400 S. Monroe St. Tallahassee, FL 32399-0001

September 6, 2011

SUBJECT: Termination of State Initiatives in Support of Manmade Global Warming.

Dear Governor Scott,

This letter is sent to request that your office take immediate action to terminate any and all initiatives by the State of Florida, including rescission of all past legislation that was based upon the impact on the Earth’s climate by greenhouse gasses caused by human industrial exhaust and other human related activities.
The primary reason for this special request is based on an overwhelming new set of evidence that shows that the science for manmade global warming, or anthropogenic global warming (AGW), from greenhouse gas emissions is invalid.
It is widely known that much of the science on climate change and predictions for AGW- generated future climate effects on the Earth, especially that originating from the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (UN-IPCC) since 1988, has been based on predetermined outcomes, incomplete research, manipulated data, flawed global climate models (GCM), and a substantial overestimate of the impact of greenhouse gasses (GHG), especially human generated CO2, on the Earth’s climate.
Further, the advent of a new and potentially dangerous cold climate era which has just begun, essentially eliminates the AGW theory as an effective tool for understanding global climate change. This fait accompli is the result of the AGW theory’s fundamental assertion that as long as CO2 continues to rise (which it is still doing) then the Earth’s atmospheric temperatures can only go up, and never down. Yet, the new cold climate is taking them down for decades to come.
The rare and dramatic reduction in the Sun’s energy output which has brought on this new climate era is called a “grand solar minimum” by solar physicists or more appropriately, a “solar hibernation.” Once the Sun enters a state of hibernation, the subsequent, inescapable record cold climate that follows is typically thirty years long or more and regrettably, is unstoppable!
First announced by me to the White House, Congress, and the mainstream media in April and May of 2007, this historic change in the Sun has recently been confirmed by NASA, the US Air Force, and the National Solar Observatory. Other prominent scientists years before had done research similar to mine and like me discovered the specific 206 year solar cycle that drives these cold climate changes as well as the preceding run up or global warming that is also part of these natural cycles of the Sun that control the Earth’s climate.
Given the validation of the arrival of the next climate period and its true nature, some scientists have even gone so far as to say this new climate will be a repeat of “The Little Ice Age” of the 1600’s and 1700’s. The SSRC position is that it will not be as cold as that but highly destructive nonetheless. Much of the background on this subject is also documented in my recently released book titled “Cold Sun” which is described in more detail at The book has received worldwide praise from leading scientists and other experts.
On August 29, 2011, I injected this new climate information in the form of a public input into one of many pending pieces of Florida laws and regulation, specifically, the Action Plan of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC). I have attached for your consideration, an enhanced version of that input – a summary describing major elements of understanding of the present state of climate change science and analysis.
In addition, there are four important matters which I would like to bring to your attention attendant to the review of climate change oriented legislation within the State of Florida.
First, it is likely that some officials in the state, including within the environmental, energy and education sectors have been well aware that the science behind greenhouse gas emissions and the UN reports was deeply flawed and unreliable, if not intentionally manipulated. Yet even with this knowledge they may have used state funds and their authority to justify and push forward with programs in support of manmade global warming under the guise of “sustainable development,” and environmental protection, similar to that found in the FWC Action Plan. Some officials may have known that the science behind their programs and legislative actions was unreliable and yet helped advance such despite this knowledge. These actions may be regarded as a violation of their fiduciary responsibilities, malfeasance in office, and actionable.
Second, by one account, the Obama administration’s 2011 federal budget includes over $2.5 billion devoted to manmade climate change research and associated programs. I am unaware what the climate change funds picture in Florida is. However, given that the expenditure of any funds for global warming in the state is now highly suspect, it is likely that the state may be able to save a substantial amount of money by an independent review of the state programs that have been based on the disproven science of manmade global warming and manmade climate change.
Third, since the state has no initiatives what so ever to address the only climate we are now facing, namely thirty years of record cold, I strongly recommend the state immediately act to correct this imbalance, and inform and protect its citizens as state authority and resources permit.
Fourth, it may be regarded as fraudulent where there are individuals and companies in the state who have been pursuing business with the full knowledge that manmade global warming science was unreliable, that global warming did not exist and that in fact we are heading into decades of cold weather. Schemes to take advantage of the state or its citizens or investors that are reliant on the bad science of AGW may also be found actionable. This includes such programs as trading in carbon credits, development of carbon mitigation or carbon sequestration programs. In fact, where publicly traded stock companies are involved, such programs may well fall within the definition of trading in “worthless securities” as defined by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and result in criminal prosecution.
I recommend that all government controlled or funded programs in the state tied to manmade global warming, including within the environmental, energy, and education sectors be stopped immediately pending an independent review of the science, structure, and intent of these programs. This review should be conducted by an objective body of experts outside of those who were involved in the development of these state programs or associated business activities.
Please feel free to contact me at any time on this subject.
Best Regards,
John L. Casey President
Encl: Climate Change Summary
Space and Science Research Corporation Orlando, Florida
Climate Change Summary September 6, 2011
1. Global warming ended years ago. Importantly, it ended right on schedule!
2. There has been no effective growth in the Earth’s temperatures for thirteen years. Global warming no longer exists!
3. Climate change was always caused primarily by variations in the Sun’s activity in conjunction with the motions and orientations of the Earth-Moon system and the other planets.
4. Mankind’s contribution to climate change via greenhouse gas emissions has been miniscule, at most.
5. The role of greenhouse gasses in climate change, in particular carbon dioxide (CO2), has been grossly overstated.
6. Global temperature averages for the atmosphere and the oceans are on a long term decline.
7. The Sun has begun its next “solar hibernation.” This regular, repeating cycle will bring significant cold to the Earth for decades as it has done roughly every 206 years for at least the last 1,200 years.
8. The extent of cold associated with these solar hibernations is such that they pose a grave threat to Florida’s citizens, which among several ill-effects, will adversely impact the availability of basic food supplies. This cold era is expected to cause widespread destruction of Florida’s crops, especially citrus, ornamental and cold sensitive crops as well as to ecosystems and all their natural inhabitants. While the worst effects will occur around the bottom of the 206 year cycle in 2031, initial adverse impacts are already starting to be felt. Global cold weather records over the last few years have already passed 100 years marks and will only continue to set new records as the hibernation deepens.
9. The reports of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (UN-IPCC) as well as many of those of the EPA and NOAA that rely on the UN reports, contain significant errors and omissions which preclude their use as reliable climate change science references. For example, the widely known “hockey stick” chart and associated data depicting the last 1,000
years of the Earth’s temperature has been completely debunked and is now recognized as an inaccurate history of global temperature trends and a clearly misleading attempt to correlate mankind’s industrial activity with global temperature. State laws and regulations that also use these reports are likewise unreliable.
10. The past “Climategate” scandal, the posting of hacked emails between UN researchers, has provided serious reason to believe that vital scientific data was manipulated to fit flawed climate models, rather than reflect the reality of the Earth’s climate. The resultant resignation of the head of one of the main climate research organizations that provided data to the United Nations is indicative of the level of culpability of data manipulation in the UN-IPCC reports.
11. Global climate models (GCM) used to support the UN reports and anthropogenic global warming (AGW) have never been objectively and independently validated as reliable predictors of global climate change, and in fact are routinely wrong when compared with global temperature trends and historical records. Simply put, they just don’t work.
12. There are other highly reliable models and theories, both domestically and internationally available to the State of Florida (the RC Theory, for example). These are based on solar cycles which offer much more dependability and confidence for climate-related legislation and regulatory actions vs. the unreliable UN GCM’s based on mankind’s greenhouse gas emissions. Solar-climate studies and theories have demonstrated an accuracy of over 90% in accounting for past climate changes. The RC Theory, in fact correctly predicted the new cold climate.
13. The core threat to Florida posed in the Action Plan, namely that of rising sea levels is no longer correct. Recent data shows the annual change of sea level rise has been declining for more than a decade and is now negative, i.e. sea level growth has stopped. Also, a long term declining trend is in place and is expected to continue since global warming has ended and the Earth’s oceans have begun a long term cool down that is forecast to last for decades.

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