Thursday, December 8, 2011


 Holder kills 200 Mexicans and 2 federal agents. Corzine steals $600 million, Kagan lies to Senate confirmation panel, Frank and Dodd destroy the housing market which destroys the economy, Pelosi gets millions $$$ from insider trading while she and Maxine Waters direct US contracts to family members, they shove Obama Care down our throats, Obama turns Egypt over to the Muslim Brotherhood, helps organize OWS, the Clintons torture and kill 90 civilians at Waco, the Dept. of Ed. chief is a pervert and I can go on and on with examples and you still vote Democrat?
H/T Jerry Dagna

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  1. Love this!!! Yes, Holder, Ayers, Solyndra, and Sotomayor stating that Black People can't compete unless their test score are fixed?