Sunday, May 13, 2012


An open letter to the POTUS:

Thank you President Obama for, once again, dragging gay people into the middle of a Presidential Election. We free thinking gay people thank you sooo much for making our lives a part of such a cheap tactic, for throwing us out into the street to get run over by a bus, just so your little Hollywood friends would kick in some cash at George Clooney’s house. Now, you are snickering there in the White House because you know that Governor Romney has now been forced to speak on the subject. And you think that all gay people are going to just follow you now?? 

Well, I just thought that I would let you know what is going on in this gay household in Florida, where this is a constitutional ban on “gay marriage”. 

My life partner and I woke up this morning in OUR home. 
We fed, walked, and loved OUR dogs.
We checked the balance of OUR joint checking account.
We discussed the progress of the ongoing remodeling of OUR condo (yes, we both own it legally) so that it can be rented out soon.
We talked about how much we enjoyed the cruise to the Bahamas that we took last month in honor of OUR TENTH ANNIVERSARY. And we talked about how wonderful it was that my Mother, Sister, Brother and his wife, and several nephews and nieces (all active members of The Mormon Church, and all residents of Utah) all joined us to celebrate.
We talked about having to take my “commitment ring” in to have it resized since I have put on some weight from eating my partner’s wonderful cooking. (Yes, we have matching gold bands).
We talked about contacting OUR attorney to update some information in OUR wills regarding OUR inheritance, OUR mutual property ownership, and OUR mutual healthcare decision-making rights.
All in all, WE sat around, enjoying the another day that WE have, by OUR own choice, together. 
All of this, we did without any say so from you, your party, or from your opposition. All of this we did, without the State of Florida granting us permission to do. You know why? Because it is not needed!!!!!! 

However, I will point out some things in OUR lives that YOUR policies have affected. 

OUR 401K is nowhere near where it should be. 
We worry about the values of OUR property. 
We worry about the futures of OUR nephews and nieces. 
And we worry about why it is that you are worried about something that is obviously B.S. instead of things that are a reality (such as jobs and the economy). 

You argue that the economy is coming back slowly. Well, perhaps it would come back faster if you did not spend your time thinking about underhanded ways to getting votes. 

Now, of course, we did not actually discuss all of these things this morning. But, that is just the point. We really could have, if we had chosen to do so, without even a whisper from the Federal Government or from the State of Florida.


Two proud and openly gay supporters of Governor Romney,

Steve and Michael


  1. I love this, but Steve and Michael....who are they? Is this for real?

  2. Yes, these people are for real. The person I received this from actually first asked for permission to reprint. All I know is that they live in Florida. We need more like them to step out.

  3. Wow, just wow. Just as I thought they did not need anyone's permission to live as they wanted to.Democrats will use any group they can to maintain power.