Sunday, June 24, 2012


Two Michigan patriots and super activists are working hard to promote their cause and are 100 percent FED up. They sacrifice family time and normal life. With this post I wish to help them grow their page and sell their t-shirts.  I bought one myself and love it.  Please join Leisa and Patty in their mission:

NOVEMBER IS COMING...As we work together to energize conservatives in every state. The grassroots and Tea Party movement acrossAmerica needs to get engaged NOW! It's time to take our countryback from the jaws of radical liberalism.We will not fall victim to the liberalmessage of the main stream media,Hollywood and its subversive messaging,divisive liberal activists and politicians.They have an agenda...and it doesn't includeLife, Liberty or the Pursuit of your Happiness!Inspired by Andrew Breitbart Feb. 1969 - March 2012

There is still time to order this great shirt for the 4th of July, if you hurry.  Other great shirts available. Lady Liberty shirt is has design by famous artist Steven Penley.

Follow Patty on twitter @pattim2 and Leisa @leisaaudette

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