Wednesday, September 23, 2009


The state of Michigan is in deep trouble. The unemployment rate is one of the highest in the nation. There are no new jobs, despite all the promises our king gave us. Young families and graduating students leave the state and who can blame them, there is nothing here for them. Now I'm reading that in order to balance the budget, some Michigan legislatures are proposing to tax our doctors in order not to cut medicaid. Something wrong here. Do those people in Lansing ever consider cutting their wages, in fact all state workers who are so highly paid because of the Unions should take some cuts, just like Joe Smith had to do. There is no logical reason to tax the doctors now, only to see that they will be next to leave the state.

Tax the Doctors in Michigan

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  1. Just tax everybody more and jobs will increase. That formula has worked in Michigan for a long time. Hasn't it?