Monday, September 28, 2009


I was born in Europe and immigrated here and got married. In those days the government made it tough to immigrate, unlike now for certain people. There were going to deport me because I got married without the proper papers. I ended up in Canada for a while until my paperwork got straightened out, meaning all original documents had to be sent from my homeland and then translated and notarized. Once I became a resident alien I kept that status for a long time until about 15 years ago when I decided every vote counts in an election and not being a citizen prohibited me from doing so. It was a long process but easy enough to become naturalized. So I am now a naturalized citizen. My husband and children are natural born citizens. I believe Barrack Obama is a citizen, but not naturl born. His natural father was a Kenyan under British rule at the time he was born and there is doubt about the place of his birth and his birth certificate. There is also doubt how long his mother lived in the US before she gave birth to him. If there was no issue, why won't he show his birth certificate, and have someone swear to it that it is an original. There are videos, internet photos that proof or don't proof the birth certificate, I believe we got a phony elected to the White House and letting him tell us what to do? I don't think so, people out there, wake up. It is amazing to me that Beck, Hannity and O'Reilly consider this a non-issue. In the end it probably doesn't matter, because if he were impeached, we'd be stuck with Biden.

See what the Constitution says about citizenship

There are several videos out there supporting the claim that Obama is not a natural born citizen:

Just today I came across this alleged Kenyan birth certificate.
Alleged Kenyan birth certificate

And then I found this: DNC failed to certify Obama as eligible in most states

After reviewing these documents and videos, you can make your own conclusion about the validity of your President's citizenship.

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  1. I haven't watched the videos yet, but Obama aside, I have to disagree on this definition of "natural born".

    People love to have this argument with me, telling me I'm not a natural born citizen, even though I was born in Wisconsin. I was naturally born in the United States, so I am a natural born citizen. I could run for President if I wanted to.

    That being said, my mother immigrated here from Australia, hence why people like to tell me I'm not a natural born citizen because of where my mother came from.

    It doesn't matter if my mother came from Mars, I'm still a natural born citizen because I was born here. If you want to define it by lineage and not by where the person was actually born, then none of us are "natural-born" citizens.

    I get sooo PO'd when people have the nerve to tell me I am not natural born and therefore not a "real" citizen nor able to run for President. Where am I from then if I'm not an American citizen? Where was I "naturally born" if I wasn't born here? Some people get really crazy about this and very brutal about it, but none of them can answer that question for me.

    I think it's quite simple too. Natural born = born in the US. And yes, I am a natural born citizen.