Saturday, September 25, 2010


I just read the entire speech and I was literally blown away.  My only wish is that I could have actually heard him deliver it.  I am not surprised a good conservative like Mike Pence was invited to Hillsdale College, well known for being a very conservative, very private school, to make this speech. It was refined, yet to the point, one knows exactly what he is talking about or who he is referring to without being mean, devisive or otherwise attacking anyone.

Here is one of my favorite paragraphs:  Isn't it amazing, given the great and momentous nature of the office, that those who seek it seldom pause to consider what they are seeking? Rather, unconstrained by principle or reflection, there is a mad rush toward something that, once its powers are seized, the new president can wield as an instrument with which to transform the nation and the people according to his highest aspirations.

I am glad the American Spectator picked it up and posted the entire speech here:

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