Wednesday, September 22, 2010


It's happening all over the country.  The first time I noticed it in a small district somewhere here in Michigan, when a Rino was pushed by the GOP to win a special election (Mike Nofs). Shortly after that, we all witnessed the Scozzafava election in NY,  grrrrrrrrr. What's happening in Delaware is beyond belief.  While I personally have my doubt about Ms O'Donnell, I am also of the belief that if the people in her state nominated her, then we have to respect that and support all the conservative candidates as much as we can. The establishment has to come out in full force and do everything in their power to help her along.
Then there is Mrs. Murkowski in Alaska.  Is that what greed and power does to them?  Certainly this is not what we need in Washington right now.  Again, Joe Miller is the one his people nominated, and he most certainly deserved it. So, let's all get behind Joe Miller, too.

The GOP establishment has a long long way to go before they see a dime from this household.  We support our conservative candidates and especially our Icaucus endorsed candidates.  I hope that the GOP gets the message real soon, this country depends on it.

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  1. The GOP is "eating their own" because RINO Progressives are fearful of losing their stranglehold in the upcoming election. They will fight every Constitutionally Conservative candidate out there, hiding their Statist agenda. Every God-fearing, freedom-loving, true American Patriot needs to fight the schemes of the failing RINO regime. Constitutionally Conservative candidates deserve America's vote to free us of the disease speading it's filth across our great land. Whatever it takes, we must with the battle against society's cancer-laden, power-hungry cannibals. Patriots need to take the trash out in November, and stand behind the many wonderful iCaucus-endorsed candidates!