Monday, November 8, 2010


Received the following article from a fellow patriot who worked on a campaign in S. Florida.  He's sharing his thoughts on Obama's future which was a subject that had never occured to me.  Is it possible?  Why not, they gave him the Noble Peace Prize.

"The 2010 election not only is history, it made history. The biggest "change" in the house in the last 70 years. But this has not had any effect, noticeable at least, with President Obama. In his typical switch hitting manner, he called on the Republicans to sit down with him to solve the country's problems. Yet, shortly after, he talked with and told them, "We are going to continue to take all the time it takes and all the effort it takes to get out country back on track."

Does he not get the message given to him on Nov. 2nd? He does but it doesn't give him much cause for alarm. He has no concern for he re-election in 2012. He has two lmore years to demolish, still further, the country. He knows he's committing political suicide by remaining a left wing zealot. He knows the fear rising within the elected ranks of Congressional Democrats who will break ranks with The Party in order to stay in office. But BHO doesn't care.

Obama has his sights on a position he considers elevated above that of U.S. President. He will be the next Secretary General of the United Nations. Presently, the term is a five year one, with one term extension. Pan Ki-Moon the present SG, was selected on January 1, 2007. My guess is that BHO will see to it that the confusing selection process will be changed in order for him to move up to this grand position.

He would be king of the world. The Muslim countries would claim him as their "native son." The rest of the Third World would jump for joy. "A finger in the eye to America," they would proclaim. Flying around the world in his desired role as "citizen of the world," he would live in Switzerland, France or wherever he wished. Michelle would shop in the finest European emporiums and order kobe beef in the most elite restaurants, with fresh greens, of course. She was never really proud of her country in the first place and Barack's stated embarrassment with this country's past indicates a happier life away from the greed and intolerance of this land."

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