Saturday, November 27, 2010


I'm already dreading the end of my vacation, knowing I will either be groped again or go through the see me naked scanner.  This will be the 6th time in a two months period. I had a full knee replacement that consists of titanium and plastic, and it goes off guaranteed when  I first go through the initial scanner. They ask me "Knee replacement?", apparently a very common occurrence. Still, I get moved to the side to be send to the "groper" or full body scanner. I carry a card from the surgeon, which doesn't help a bit.

There are always extra agents standing around, just waiting for a sucker like me to come through so they can justify their job. This entire security operation seems so inefficient.  I keep wondering why they won't even consider trying out the Israeli system. Another thought came to mind about people like me that have implants, prosthetics etc.  Let us go through a one-time thorough inspection and then provide us with a government certified security card that lets us pass through without the extra searches.  This alone would speed up the lines and make us look more efficient.

Being politically correct and profiling is an issue that needs to be resolved soon.  I sense the American people are becoming more and more agitated with this process.  How did the underwear bomber ever get on the plane last Christmas?  It seems no profiling was done then.

There is more to this as well.  Rand Paul made a good point when he wondered if the TSA agent is homosexual or not.  Today I read an article that stated most agents do not change their rubber gloves after each passenger. Various types of viruses and infectious diseases can now be transmitted through this process.  Doctors have and do change their gloves after each patient, so should the agents.

A fellow blogger made a good point by sending a letter to our respective representatives, asking them to stop this insanity and spend their efforts on a better system.

Please feel free to add your own experience with the TSA in the comment section.  I'd like to hear from you.


  1. This is a violation of our privacy rights. We must stop this madness! I haven't experienced the feelups or the naked-body scanners yet, Thankfully. I really don't know whether I ever want to fly again with having to take the chance of either being radiated or being groped by Big Brother.

  2. yesterday was the end of my vacation and I had to get on another plane. Of course, due to my knee, I had to get padded down again. I asked for the bodey scanner at the Palm Beach Airport, but it was not working. The scanner lady was decent, put on new rubber gloves in front of me, and was not too "invasive". I appreciated that, but also let my feelings know that the TSA have to make some changes, i.e. help travellers get Gov ID cards that allows them to get through security without always getting groped. She agreed with me.