Saturday, April 30, 2011


What is the Republican Party in 2011? Who is in it and what does it represent anymore? Who CLAIM to be Conservatives? I sure as hell don't know, which explains why I've been an Independent voter since Bob Dole ran for president against the rapist Bill Clinton in '94. This is how it all boils down and why Kenyan-born Muslim Barack Hussein Obama will win a second term unless YOU PEOPLE get your collective head out of your ass. Please, allow yours truly:

• Bill O'Reilly hates Rush Limbaugh.
• Karl Rove, George H.W. and Barbara Bush hate 2012 President-elect Sarah Palin.
• Ann Coulter hates Birthers, most of whom hail from the right.
• Meghan McCain hates any Republican over fifty who does not support the wanton slaughtering of defenseless babies in the womb. I guess this includes her decidedly progressive father who hates George W. Bush.
• Charles Krauthammer hates Donald Trump and Christine O'Donnell.
• Donald Trump hates Republicans, Conservatives and the Tea Party.
• Bill Krystol hates Glenn Beck. 
• Mike Huckabee hates Mormons, especially Mitt Romney.
• Establishment, country club, elitist progressives from the Republican Party hate ALL true Conservative women running for any office.
• Lindsey Graham also hates women, but for an entirely different reason. 
• George H.W. Bush hated Ronaldus Magnus Reaganus, which explains why he tried to have him killed.
• Ron Paul hates RINOs...who doesn't?
• Colin Powell hates the G.O.P. and will support any candidate who is black, even if it were the Prince of Darkness himself, Satan. Oh wait, he already did in 2008. My bad...carry on.
• Dana Perrino hates Michele Bachmann and any of those confused hicks representing the Tea Party.
• Susan Collins loves Olympia Snowe and BOTH hate Conservatism.
• Scott Brown once heard of a Conservative in Massachusetts, but immediately discovered that it was an ancient legend.
• Charlie Christ hates Marco Rubio, who also happens to hate a Conservative solution to illegal aliens.
• The Tea Party hates cuts to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid or unemployment compensation. "Cut theirs, not mine." According to recent polls reacting to Paul Ryan's proposed budget, this makes the Tea Party a gaggle of hypocrites...if you believe the polls.
• Laura Ingraham hates Arlen Specter, who jumped ship because "I didn't leave the Republican Party - the Republican Party left me." 
• Mitt Romney hates the U.S. Constitution, but loves waffles.
• Jeb Bush hates American sovereignty and freedom.
• Mitch McConnell hates anyone taking away his pork barrel projects for his own constituency and will always vote against spending cuts.
• John Boehner hates Paul Ryan's budget plan.
• Nobody liked Gerald Ford.
• No Republican today has EVER heard of Calvin Coolidge or how he managed to solve the Even Greater Depression of 1921. They don't even want to know about it. Get lost.
• Michael Savage hates 'em all. 

Do you see what we're faced with? You people are all over the damn place with no foundation in principles, values or vision. The way I see it, the ONLY politicians or players out there who represent TRUE Conservative ideals are: 

• 2012 President-elect Sarah Palin
• Congressman Allen West
• Congresswoman Michele Bachmann
• Senator Jim DeMint
• Governor Chris Christie
• Congressman Mike Pence
• Governor Mitch Daniels
• Congressman Jason Chaffetz
• Congressman Darrell Issa
• Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas

Now, you go back to your gray and meaningless lives and think about whether you're a Republican or Conservative, because they are NOT the same. And ya better think twice in calling yourself a Conservative if you support a progressive like Jeb Bush, who is decidedly moderate. 

The G.O.P. has become Democrat Light and many are straddling the middle ground. You know the type: "Uh, well, I'm a fiscal conservative and a social liberal." I HATE THESE PEOPLE or anyone who says this. I prefer what John Adams said: "In politics the middle way is none at all."

H/T Sidney Salgado

NOTE:  I don't necessarily agree with Mr. Salgado's every statement. But, he has something there to ponder on.  We better be careful and come together better sooner than later, otherwise the USA as we know it will be gone.


  1. Why wasn’t the so called long original version of the birth certificate for the past 2 and a half years? If there was nothing to hide, then why didn’t obama release it instead of spending all of that money to prevent releasing it? The real issue everyone is avoiding, is not whether Obama is an American citizen as he clearly could possibly be However, under the Constitution, in order to be President; one of the qualifications is that you have to be a "natural" born citizen. Scholars and courts have argued what constitutes a "natural born" citizen and the overwhelming consensus has been that both parents have to be American citizens (although no legal ruling has ever been made). So where are his college records? Clearly, Obama's father was an African and not an American citizen. Personally still think that there is something fishy going on here. Because the whole thing smells. I think that Joe Wilson was right when he said Obama lies Can anyone honestly say that if the birth certificate was not released until now so that this discussion would not be raised? Say what you may about Donald Trump but we really have to give credit and thanks to Donald Trump for doing what he did in 3 weeks what millions couldn’t get done in 2 years,

  2. You know what they say: "Hate feels sooooo good! Better than an after dinner mint!"

  3. This is interesting, and definitely food for thought. But the problem with it is pretty clear: there is no single, acceptable to everyone litmus test for conservatism. I mean, Ann Coulter's not a conservative because she thinks birthers are nuts? Really? That's absurd. Anyone who reads or listens to her knows that not true.

    O'Reilly himself refuses to be called a conservative and has repeatedly stated he's not a Republican (he's an indie, he claims).

    NO ONE on the right thinks Megan McCain is a conservative. She's a useful idiot to the left.

    Hehe, you know what, I think I'll do a post on this. I'm getting carried away. :)

  4. Fuzzy, as always you nailed it on the head. Looking forward to your post.

  5. And here is Fuzzy's excellent response.

  6. So much diversity on the right. Who'da thunk it?

    My life is neither gray nor meaningless, and I will evaluate candidates as they present themselves.

    Screaming at everyone who doesn't think exactly like you do is not a winning strategy.

  7. Just think of what the opposite of having all these conflicting thoughts would be...

    Done thinking? My mind keeps conjuring 1984, Soviet Union... Orthodoxy, dogma, doctrines which shall not be questioned. That's the domain of religion, and it rightly belongs there, and only there.

    Progressives make the mistake of turning every belief of the week into religious dogma, and I don't want to see us going down the same road.

    Groupthink is a killer and leads to intellectual sclerosis and ultimately, failure. There is a diversity of thought on the right, with libertarians joining in. It is a free marketplace of ideas and it is a beautiful thing.

    We are not a one-size-fits-all country, which is one of the arguing points against Obamacare. Susan Collins would not get elected in Oklahoma, and Dr. Coburn could never be a senator from Maine. That's just the way it is, and that's the way I like it. We are free to form groups be who we are here in Colorado without worrying what the GOP in Florida thinks of us or if the national party is going to expel us for not toeing the party line

    And this statement is some kind of logical fallacy, although I can't put a name to it. Of course, all those people are not going to agree on everything!

    "Do you see what we're faced with? You people are all over the damn place with no foundation in principles, values or vision"

    You are scolding free-thinking individuals because their ideas clash with others you have lumped them in with. As each candidate announces, we will then measure and test each one's ideas against our principles and the US Constitution. I could give a crap what O'Reilly thinks. I do my own thinking.

    And the "fiscal conservative / social liberal" comment is completely illogical, and the Adams quote used to bolster it is misapplied. Fiscal and social issues are two different things completely. It is fallacious to say that if one is conservative on fiscal matters she must also be conservative in all other parts of her life.

    Are you declaring invalid and out of bounds anyone who is a fiscal conservative but a supporter of marijuana legalization? Are you going to banish all non-Christians from the Republican party?

    Mr. Salgado wrote a nice rant, but it is incoherent. After all of this ranting he mentions Chris Christie as one of his orthodox kosher conservative candidates. Has he examined Christie's record on social issues? Christie is a social moderate at best.

    Just about the only thing I can agree with is the point (barely made) about conservatives trashing one another, which the author himself engages in. I like Mark Levin and I like Michael Savage. They don't like each other. I wish to hell they would simply shut up about each other.

  8. @Silverfiddle: You do understand that the only thing I posted was the "Note" at the end. I wanted to convey what is happening and I think we all get it now. Besides, it is too early to have a final personal opinion on who would serve us best.

  9. I too think it is too early. I just get tired people screaming "RINO!" at anything to the left of Rush Limbaugh, and those who take it upon themselves to anathematize others need to grow up and realize everybody doesn't think exactly like they do.

    As I said, I appreciate the rant for what it was, but it wasn't very useful to others.

    Here's something useful:

    Measure each candidate based upon the US Constitution and how they interpret and understand the various articles as they pertain to current issues.

    If you are a conservative, measure the candidates based upon Russell Kirk's Ten Conservative Principles

    If you see a libertarian or gay person on your side, don't scream them out of the fold.