Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Apparently, a protest that started in Georgia and online on a Facebook page is now going national.  I can definitely get behind this.  Whoever came up with this has the right idea.  Let’s put the blame where it goes.  Our high prices are not because of ‘big oil,’ nor is it because of demand (demand for everything has been falling for 3 years), it is due to one thing and one thing only:  This Administration and Congress allowing the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy of devaluation of our currency. 
The bailouts, the games, the welfare for bankers and Wall Street, the ‘quantitative easing’ all must END!  If it does not, Obama and his minions and all of Congress who have refused to stand up against this destructive monetary policy must be driven from office.
Help educate others about whose fault all this is.  When it comes right down to it, Obama has the power himself to stop the Federal Reserve, but neither he nor anyone in Congress has done one thing to stop what is happening to our dollar.  MAKE THEM LISTEN!  Leave a sticky note!  Leave them everywhere you see high prices!

h/t fedupusa

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  1. this is the best thing ever with sticky notes this is so true nobama in 2012 because of high prices and his HOPE & CHANGE ISN'T WORKING FOR ANYONE ACCEPT THE BILLIONAIRES AND HIMSELF!!