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On a 5th grade Reading Book in TN
I've been asked several times what I think about Common Core Standards.  At first I did not pay attention to this issue, but as it is more and more coming to the forefront , I decided to look into it. After all, I have to look out for my grandchildren.

It turns out that I am not in support of it.  Below is some information I have found to  share so that the readers can decide for themselves.

1.  Common Core is a Federal Takeover of Education
2. Common Core is bad for parents
3. Common Core is bad for Teachers
4. Common Core is bad for Taxpayers
5. Common Core is bad for Students
6. Common Core violates Privacy
7. Common Core resembles Failed No Child left behind Program
8. Common Core is unconstitutional
9. Common will require some states to move backwards
10. Common is a failed education approach.

Click on the link below to see an explanation to each of the 10 reasons why Common Core should not be supported by your State.

Rick Scott, the Governor of Florida,  said he would try to address what he called “too much federal involvement” — an overture to tea party groups who consider the new benchmarks and tests an example of federal overreach. Read more about Governor Scott here:

Read more here:

The following information I received via email from 

Karen Bracken

Although the state leaders would like to make the public think the state wrote the Common Core standards truth is there were 5 people responsible for writing the Common Core standards we see today.

David Coleman and Susan Pimentel (ELA) Dr. Jason Zimba, Phil Daro and Bill McCallum (Math).  This FACT can be substantiated.  It is clear that Dr. Zimba doesn't think very highly of the very standards he wrote.  Dr. Stotsky was also a member of the Common Core Validation Committee and she was responsible for the outstanding academic achievement of her home state of MA.  She  refused to sign off on the Common Core standard final document.

 Dr. Jim Milgram of Stanford University was also on the CC Validation Committee (the only math standard content expert on the CC Validation Committee) and he too refused to sign off on the final standards.  His research indicates children with only an Algebra II education graduate from college at a rate of only 39.3% .  While students that enter college with Calculus graduate college at a rate of 83.3%.  The panel of real expertise in the field of standard development boiled down to Dr. Stotsky and Dr. Milgram and they both refused to sign off on the final standards.  Dr. Milgram also states that CC is not for the top 30% of students.  The top 30% will regress to the median and we will be left with mediocracy at best.

My summation of what I see is:
The children of the common people will be TRAINED to fill the low paying jobs (this is why the dumbing down) while children of the elite class will get the best EDUCATION.
This explains why Sidwell Friends (the school where President Obama sends his daughters) does not support Common Core and have no intentions of bringing CC into their school.  I placed a call to the admissions department at Sidwell Friends in DC and they told me they do not use Common Core.  I was told they have their own standards and curriculum.  I then asked if there were plans to implement Common Core in the future and they said NO.  I think you will find that just like Obamacare many of our elected officials and the elite class are not subjecting their children to Common Core.

The real goal of Common Core is to finally develop a full blown school to work program where ourchildren are trained not educated. 


The following article by the Advocate is loaded with information and videos about Common Core.  I urge you to read and listen.


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