Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Remember the ad that pushed grandma over the cliff?  Remember all the talk about death panels?  Do you also remember Obama promising us we can keep our health insurance? I don't think its going to be quite like that.

Today I had a conversation with a doctor friend of mine who is a Podiatrist.  Dr. ABC is already planning to close his practice. You will see later why.  My friend talked with another doctor who works for Medicare under the Obamacare laws.  He informed her that every single person will get a letter in 9 months informing them that they will then be assigned to a group of doctors that will manage them. Each person will have a set amount of money for his/her overall health care which will be decided by Medicare.  In other words, a person in Medicare gets a "value" and a money amount allocated within his/her group and then a panel decides how this money is spent.  (Death panel?)  This group will be the called the "ACO". Sorry, I don't know what it stands for.

I asked my friend if my husband, who is on Medicare, will still be able to see his internist and other doctors that he likes.  She informed me that he will not be able to see whatever doctor he wants, but rather he will be in the group his card is in.  My friend, the Podiatrist, is concerned that a patient will spend his/hers allotted money preferably on heart, and other doctors before a Podiatrist. 

I hope this scares you as much as it does us.  There is talk that Congress will vote on defunding Obamacare this coming Friday.  Please call your representative and ask them to defund this hideous law.


  1. Actually, it began for me already - about a year ago. I can cite at least five, so far.

    The first one was obviously caused by a deal between pharma and the WH. I used to obtain Colchicin for $ 1/90 da supply. About a year ago they informed me that it was no longer being manufactured. Instead it was replaced by another which I forgot the name but the cost is $116 for the same quantity.

    Incidentally, this can be purchased in Canada for about $50 out of pocket. The new(?) substitute cost ($116) is with O'care subsidy.

    You can see the kind of dealings(corruption) that is prevalent behind the scenes.

    Health Care is not a right! The progressives are driving us to USSR socialism. USSR Constitution

    Defund, repeal, ashcan or whatever but get rid it because it is already full of corruption which will make them run out of our money sooner than later.


    Scared Senior

  2. Email comment from NJ

    Good morning, I believe you are essentially correct. It is my understanding that because all medical data will be sent to DC, there will be a record of what is being done and what is allowed. I have also been told that what one is eligible for depends upon their "value". I am not sure what if any procedures will be allowed if they are paid for by the patient?? I have heard that they can not and I have also heard that they can. I believe that older folks will definitely have care cut as more money will be allocated for younger or more productive people.
    My daughter works in Florida with assisted living and she has been told [also by a physician] that there will many procedures that will be changed??
    It is my understanding that seniors will mainly see changes in the doctors that will accept them as patients, and this is happening often especially in Florida. I have even heard that there may be off shore facilities
    that will treat folks if and when they can not get treatment in this country.
    All of this is based upon information that I have heard from various people and some that has been researched
    so I would not spread it as absolute "fact".
    At any rate, it seems that to avoid as much of any treatment as possible, and to have as little as possible of assets is shaping up to be the wave of the future.
    have a good day

  3. Email response from SBK

    Interesting post. My husband is a podiatrist and is division head at Henry Ford Health System.

    He has not said a thing like this. Perhaps that is because he is not in private practice. But, think about the repercussions. In 9 months we will be right in front of 2014 elections. I believe that the Dems are terrified of losing seats in 2014. OCARE is hugely unpopular and people are going to vote on this issue. So, why would they piss off one of the largest voting blocks - seniors - who are usually on their side right before an election?

    Makes no sense.

    But then pissing off the unions made no sense either and OSTupid did it anyway. I believe that is a brilliant ploy by his handlers (Jarrett, Plouff, Axelrod). Again, the Dems are poised to lose on the OCARE issue in 2014 much like 2010. People want it gone. So, now Dem reps and senators can be heros and fix OCare. O has nothing to lose. He is done, toast, no more running. But they don't want to lose seats in the house or senate. Dems can't afford to lose seats. They have to set up a winning situation for the party, and they can throw O under the bus on this issue with noting lost.

    Just my thoughts

  4. Email response from GH

    f your understanding is correct, I believe there will be a revolution in this country. People may be complacent about some of the shit that goes on, because it doesn't really impact them, too much. But, I would hope that both the AMA and the American public would rise up in revolt at this type of government intervention!

    I will definitely call my representatives and urge voting to defund this breach of the American Way!