Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Even if you hate Glenn Beck, these are must watch videos.  The collapse is so close it is frightening. 

Click here for segment two and three.

Sorry, I didn't mean to ruin your day or night, but please pass this on.

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  1. I listen to Beck every day on radio--much funnier--and watch him when I can. HE GETS IT! I also enjoy Mark Levin Jerry Doyle, and Michael Savage. Recently heard there was an economist, I believe--who has a new book--"National Suicide". Within the next two or three months the FHA/mortgage guarantuer for those who can't afford homes--is due to go broke. This will make the last meltdown seem like a trickle in comparison. If some of the info I have listed here is wrong, you can link up to them on the Levin site or at Jerry Doyle. In the meanrun please do as my mother used to tell me--"Take care of yourself first for me!" I am a poor (economically disadvantaged) man, but even before this economy went south, I gave what I could to my girls, and advised my friends to pull out of the market and invest in gold, or real property. I am just intuitive I guess. Bod Bless us one and all and Have a Happy Thanksgiving.