Saturday, November 14, 2009


I'm a member of the Independence Caucus ( We are an organization whose primary mission is to replace our compromised, fiscally irresponsible incumbents with good men and women who share our principles and values.

Every conservative group shares that same goal and we have something to offer the other groups that they cannot do for themselves or their members. We truly are the last-mile solution to get the job done. At Independence Caucus, we have five golden keys to help us accomplish this.

1) Independence Caucus has a well defined candidate vetting process which includes a set of 80 principle-based vetting questions, which we pose to all potential candidates for office. We believe that this is a job interview, and that the primary reason we have so many people in office who have not represented us well in the past is because we have not vetted them properly. The Independence Caucus members and partners for each area (comprised of people who are in that particular candidate’s voting district), must agree with at least a 70% majority, that the candidate is the right person to back before Independence Caucus will endorse that candidate.

2) We conduct specific research on incumbents to show the link to their voting records & earmarks, and which big money special interest groups have donated to their campaigns and how much they’ve donated (it’s a whole lot more than the media reports). We use that research to give our endorsed candidates an advantage in campaigning against that incumbent.

3) Our founders understand that “all politics is local” and they have a strong knowledge of how politics works down to a precinct level and understand what is needed to win campaigns. Their first win was Jason Chaffetz from Utah’s third Congressional district. Chaffetz is the Congressman who sleeps on his cot in his Washington office to save the tax payers money. Frank Anderson and Monte Bateman, the co-founders of Independence Caucus helped Chaffetz beat an incumbent Congressman while being outspent by 6:1.

4) We’ve identified 26 specific functional positions within a campaign that are needed in order to win and beat compromised incumbents who are owned by the big money special interest groups.

5) Finally, the Independence Caucus currently has programmers developing a powerful political social networking tool, which connects candidates to enthusiastic and motivated volunteers for their campaigns. This social networking tool contains all the tools a candidate needs to manage his/her campaign, as well as the tools and training volunteers need to be most effective in working for their chosen candidate.

We would like to partner with any and all groups as well as individuals who share our goals and would like to participate with us to use the tools we provide. Are you interested?



p.s. Whichever state you live in, after joining, make sure you join your state group and if you are in MI, join your district as well.  Hope to see you all there.

p.p.s. If you are from MI, please let me know that you joined.


  1. Way to go, Erika. I-Caucus is doing the hard work necessary to provide a real choice of candidates in the August 2010 primary instead of only the one that the party bosses choose who is usually not a true conservative.

  2. Very good project. May it Blossom into every Congressional District Nation wide.

  3. Woof! Hello Patriotic Rottweiler! I am Albert the Avatar German Shepherd and I am an official Blogger for Sarah Palin! I hope that all you Michigan Independents will realize that another year of Obama/Pelosi means another loss to the Ohio State Buckeyes! In all seriousness, I am woofing all the way to 2012 for Sarah Palin who will make sure that our great country does not fall victim to the Marxist Communist Homosexual Agenda! Please read my blog Albert Loves Sarah Palin and make sure that our country goes not go to the -- uh --- well you know.

  4. George, please feel free to spread the word about Icaucus, it can only help.

    Albert, Woof right back at ya. I'm actually a collie lover, but I needed to have a more aggressive profile.