Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I read the following article on the Michigan We surround you site and I so agree with Dennis Williams from New Hampshire on this. I am afraid if people don't start waking up real soon, and I mean REAL soon, all this blogging, venting, teapartying will be for nothing. Everyone has to get involved to some degree, at least start getting educated, listen carefully to the media and start looking at the new candidates that will be running in 2010 because that's where the first big change has to come from. It's one little baby step at a time, but we must learn to take that step, NOW.

All of the state threads have folks complaining daily about one issue or another but, with rare exception, voters ARE NOT looking at the root cause of all issues - CONGRESS. Other than at the state level, where we have some control should continue to focus, CONGRESS writes the laws that affect us all and often override state laws. This country is marching strait towards TYRANNY and we just don't get it. It isn't good to hollar but - WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!We have got to STOP focusing on symptoms to our problems. We MUST focus on the ROOT of the problems - CONGRESS.When are we going to finally understand this? It frustrates us, here in New Hampshire, that we're still stuck in this rutt and, untill we stop digging a DEEPER AND DEEPER RUTT, we'll continue on our march toward TYRANNY.We've got one more election left to make this decision for ourselves. Either we get rid of the source problem, or LIVE WITH THE RESULT. It's really quite simple to figure out.Get the 5,000 Year Leap out and re-read it until you finally understand what is happening - WE "MUST" BOOT THE BUMS OUT AND SET TERM LIMITS FOR CONGRESS IN 2010.

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  1. Oh, I've got my eye on 2010 BIG TIME. Not sleeping here. Lying in wait. And Blogging like Heck to change hearts and minds for the big day. I hope for a Reaganesque sweep of 49 friggin states!!!!!!! That'll get their attention!