Saturday, June 27, 2009


I am mad, I am sad, I am disappointed, I want to go to their homes and yell at them. But these are just temporary emotions and won't help a thing. Eight Republicans voted for the Cap and Tax bill, and that after listening for over 3 hours what this will do to the country, the people that have already lost jobs, and after hearing there will be more job losses due to the bill. This bill has nothing to do with energy. It is a huge hidden tax. A tax for ALL americans. When will they wake up, the american people. This morning I talked with several people and asked them to call their rep to vote no on the bill. Shockingly they told me they nothing about it.
I worked hard spreading the word, online on Twitter, Facebook, 912 forums etc. I mass emailed and made phone calls. I am in the 9th MI district and my rep is Gary Peters, a freshman in the house. Mr. Peters, we the people will fire you, you don't cut the mustard. We need people that represent the people of the state of Michigan, that understand what is going on here. You don't have a clue, you have to go. Congressman Ehlers, I commend you for listening to your constituens. I am not from your party or district, but that is ok. This bill has nothing to do with party, it has to do with the American people.
Mr. Schuler, you are fired too. We don't want you. we don't need you.
You eight Republicans should not call yourselves Republicans. You are a disgrace to the party. We know who you are, the whole country knows who you are and all of us, we the people will fire you. There are still good people out there and we will find them and put them in office. By your actions you got all of us fired up, start finding out where your unemployment office is and practice to stand in line.
We the people will continue the fight.

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