Monday, June 8, 2009


Health care is one of my major pet peeves with President Obama. He wants to make sure everyone has health care. That's fine, as long as everyone can pay for it. I don't see that the working person should pick up the health care tab for the thousands of illegals and neither for the independent contract worker that chooses not to carry health care insurance. Nowhere in the constitution does it say that I have to be the keeper of John Doe down the street just because he's too lazy to get up and get a job. Nor do I think I should have to pay for uninsured, unwed mothers that already have the opportunity to receive government sponsored birth control. Obama wants to spend billions on health care. Who is going to pay for it? What the government controlled media and Barrack Obama won't tell you is that the employer, which the majority of them already are paying for employee health care, will be taxed approximately an additional 5 % or more and the employee will also be paying the same amount towards his/her health insurance out of his paycheck, like a social security deduction. But where will the money come from to pay for the millions that are not working? I do not believe that at the end of the day the deductions I just mentioned will be enough to cover all people.
But let's assume the bill will pass. What do we get for it? Not much, simple as that. I like my doctors, I chose every one of them and they keep my healthy. I like my meds that I'm taking, they help with pain control. I like the hospitals I use, they give me good care, when I need them not 6 months later. I like my choices, and I don't want to give them up for inferior care, for waiting in long lines in waiting rooms. I am already paying high premiums, but I know what I'm getting for them.
Barrack Obama's health care program will not work in a country this size. I grew up in Germany, it works there. Germany is about the size of Michigan or a little bigger. In Germany, the government matches the percentage the employees have taken out of their paycheck for health insurance, social security. Today that percentage is 7 1/2 %. That covers very basic health care and many Germans have an additional percentage taken out for additional private coverage which gives them more freedom of choices and also a private or semi-private hospital room. This program works over there, but the overall health care is still better in this country. For serious conditions such as heart, cancer etc, we are still so much more advanced and have less death.
In Canada, things are much different. They use the same basic idea as in Germany, but it is illegal to buy additional private insurance. It's one size fits all. We have all heard about the many people that come to this country for serious surgeries for which they would have to wait sometimes up to a year. I live in Michigan close to the border, so we are very aware of this.
Now that I mentioned the pitfalls of government controlled health care, the worst part of it is that once it is installed, there is no going back - not in a country this size. People should think very hard if this is what they want for themselves and their children and grandchildren in the future. It is not a good thing.
Call the following mentioned senators and urge them to vote no on the health care bill:

1. Please have your members, families and friends start melting the phones of the four Republicans listed above. Here are their numbers:
Chuck Grassley 202-224-3744
Olympia Snowe 202-224-5344
Orrin Hatch 202-224-5251
Susan Collins 202-224-2523

Here are more details what to expect:

Let's do this together.


  1. Thank you for supplying the names and phone #'s to the contact people. If you like, copy this petition statement below, and get signatures to send in as well. The more we hit them with, the better our chances.

    We, the undersigned, OPPOSE the bill No. H.R. 676, “United States National Health Care Act” because of the significant strain to the taxpayers through institution of new taxes, and most of all, the guaranteed decrease in quality of health care, including a dangerous potential to increase the risk of morbidity and mortality, as proven by similar health care plans in other countries. We also believe that this will decrease choices, as we will have no voice in decision making in our plan of care. We, the undersigned have reviewed the bill, as attached for review when petition is signed.

  2. Anonymous08 June, 2009

    Just to let you know, Germany has now started to "ration" healthcare and Unemployment insurance, as well as "Food" grants and college scholarship grants, as the country is "fiscally" bankrupt, writing checks on "hoped for future taxation" rather than on real money. Sound familiar? It should, it is exactly what we are doing here in the United States. If a small country like Germany, or Finland, or even the Swiss can not afford to continue even a moderate level of National Healthcare without bankrupting their Nation, then how can the United States do it? Answer: We can't!

    You are spot on to say that we will lose our right to pick doctors, hospitals and medicines that work, but even more we will be told which illnesses and diseases will and won't be treated!

    Robet Palmer