Monday, October 5, 2009


President Obama hires the best of the best to send to Afghanistan. But then he won't listen to the advice given, and the commander is faulted for giving his heart felt opinion. Obama has never been in any kind of war, never served in the Army, what makes him qualified not to listen to sound advice. I definetely felt safer with Bush, and I think even McCain might have handled this better.


  1. Obama is such a disgrace. He is not acting like a commander-in-chief. He is letting his huge ego get in the way of listening to his commander in Afghanistan, and doing what is right for both the troops and Afghanistan. And, this is the war which her referred to as the "good" war. This is yet one more example of why conservatives speak the truth, when we call Democrats weak on defense.

  2. It will catch up with him, I justh hope it won't be too late.