Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Here is what some Net Neutrality supporters are saying:

I think net neutrality is a good thing. But I also think that internet service providers should be required to provide by law, free or low cost basic dial up and/or broadband internet to income eligable customers including people that are not on public assistance but have a low income. It is important for their to be more competition between new and old internet service providers. I say this because it would be fair to consumers like me and internet service providers. In this new Millenium having internet access and some type of a computer has became a necessity, just like home heating and a phone.

Dear FCC:

Please do not let the interests of companies, or their paid off congressmen, determine something that is integral to future of this country.
The internet has become a utility- ISPs need to become dumb pipes.
Net neutrality is not just a freedom of speed issue, but an issue that could define how successful our country is in the coming century. If you let companies like AT&T, Verizon, Comcast and TWC control the internet- you are giving our future to them to harvest for their own profit.
Those companies have a duty to their shareholders to make the maximum amount of profit possible- they do NOT have a duty to America or America’s citizens.

The FCCs sole purpose is to protect the interests of voters and tax payers alike. the internet is a freedom of speech tool, should be a utility provided by the government, and it’s their job to protect it as a tool of the people. Don’t let special interest groups lobby our freedom away. There are no other outlets for the American people to send information freely. TV, radio, all controlled by big business. The internet levels the playing field to anyone and should be a right as a citizen of the US.

Is a Washington Takeover of the Internet next? http://tinyurl.com/yj8essm

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