Saturday, March 20, 2010


This writer, Gerald Warner, from the British Telegraph wrote this excellent article on what is going on here.  It is easy to understand and it makes me wonder how much "face" we are losing in the rest of  the free world. It is clear what Warner is trying to say, mainly that this country made a big big mistake by voting for this guy.
I also agree with him that there appears to be a desire to kill millions of unborn babies.  But why?  At one of the tea parties I met a leader from Joshua's Trail once, and he told me that some in the black communities believe that Obama wants to help reduce the black population, sort of like Hitler did with the Jews. In any case, this is a bad situation and I pray to God for guidance and help.

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  1. Not sure which babies Obama wants dead. But black babies have certainly been overwhelming victims of the abortion culture of the United States. Many libs view humans as the Earth's enemy, and abortion as a good "final solution" to the environmental problem. For whatever reason, they love abortion.