Tuesday, March 23, 2010


On 7/22/09 I wrote a blog on Rahm Emanual, Obama and Axelrod called "The Trio that is running the Country".
To get to the point, this is what I knew about Emanual at the time:

"Rahm served 3 terms in the US House and in between was a partner in a Private Equity firm where he quickly earned 16 Million before Clinton appointed him a seat at Freddie Mac. Little is known that the mortgage crises happened on his watch, and for his short stint as director at Freddie Mac he received stock options totaling $ 380,000. The private equity firm in which he was partner merged with another firm in which he is now a quiet partner holding shares. This firm switched from Financial Services to Health Care Services recently. He's a limited partner of that fund, meaning he's invested capital into that group. Additionally, he's actively enabled several private equity and hedge funds access to state pensions for large sums of capital. What do you think he gets in return? Major money. And if Obama's health care bill gets passed, the sky will probably be the limit for him and who else?

 Now my suspicion then is confirmed.  This healthcare bill is worse than the Madoff scam, but how to prove it?

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