Thursday, March 18, 2010


I grew up with it, nationalized health insurance. Never thought anything bad of it,either, because that is all I knew.  It worked in Germany, it's been in place ever since I can remember.  It is just that, health care.  There is no huge bill that also has provisions for education, funded abortion etc etc.  It is well run and organized, and most people are happy.  Remember, Germany is about the size of Michigan, therefor it is doable.  The US can't even run Medicare/Medicaid or the Post Office properly.  Germany may have nationalized health care, but they don't own and rule their banks or car companies.  What is going on here is entirely different.  We have an administration that wants to "rule", we will have a tyranny.

In Germany they take out 7 or 8 percent out of your paycheck, the employer contributes the same.  That covers your basic health care, doctors, hospitals etc.  One can take out additional private insurance for better hospital rooms (2 person room instead of a ward).

Now, add this 7 percent to your deductions, and for those that make over 250,000, add another 3 percent additional tax to cover the uninsured who will be covered through the public option.  As I am writing this, I realize that Obamacare can't work without the puplic option, no matter how they word it.  

Here is a good article I found on German health care, you will realize that this is not what they are proposing here, and therefor it won't work.

We need to keep our free market system, our free health care, and our freedom from too much government.

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