Monday, August 31, 2009


Sometimes it seems they want to make it a black and white issue. It's not. I've never looked at Obama's milk chocolate color and thought, he's black. He's as much white as he is black. I hoped for a leader that would at least lead from the center. So much for that. There are some blacks, well, maybe many, that think they will benefit from this, little do they know that if Obama and the powers behind him that pull his strings succeed, we will all be slaves, and all of us, including blacks will be worse off than before. We are headed into a Marxist ruled globalization. It will make Europe's socialist countries look like paradise.
During his campaign, he encouraged blacks to get up, go to school, clean up their lives, get a job, this sounded promising to me. What happened since then? Obama and his regime are not partial to the black communities, just as Rahm Emanuel and David Axlerod are not into their jewish heritage (shame on them for that). Health Bill HR 3200 is not in favor of keeping older folks alive longer than necessary, it pushes government paid abortions. Get rid of the young and old, get rid of all those that cost too much. Get rid of the undesired, too? Recently I met a couple ministers that host a local talk show called "Joshua's Trail". They represent the black communities in and around Detroit. These two men are amazing. When I referred to them as men of color or African Americans they scolded me and said "we are Americans". I apologized, of course they are, just like I am American. I don't tell people I'm German American, how silly would that be. Joshua's Trail ministers are very much in tune with what's going on and totally see through Obama. Please google them, they are in need of support and they give me hope. The other day I looked up their website myself and after some browsing I came to the conclusion that their biggest complaint with Obama is the abortion issue. They feel he wants to abort too many black babies, do they maybe think he wants to rid us of the black population? Here is an article of interest. Is eugenics at play here? This is the change the American people voted for.See here how they feel
There are more articles on their site that reflects their concern.


  1. Hey, I just followed you on Twitter. Look for me other there, Opus_6.

    You have an excellent point here. I am glad to hear that some in the black community, or shall we say Americans of any color, are beginning to see through Obama's lying rhetoric.

  2. Oh but it so much about skin color for many people in America. The race card is used, because it works.. it makes weak people feel bad, and they walk on eggshells to avoid it. Race will remain an issue because some people want to use it to their advantage.. sad.