Monday, August 17, 2009


I consider myself somewhat of an activist, but on a very small scale. There is only so much time to devote yourself to this task, but at the stage we (the US) are in right now, I think we all should be doing something every once in a while. This could be one or two phone calls to a representatives, signing a petition or going to a rally. I do all of the above, but find lately on the various forums that I visit, including Twitter, that most people do just that - tweet and blog. That doesn't accomplish a whole lot and I want to tell them all, get off your bumms (Lexi talk) and do something constructive. Time is running out, we only have August to make a stand, to voice our opinions. I am happy to hear that my son-in-law took our granddaughter to a tea party rally last weekend, that means we are finally getting through there. The battle goes on, who will come onboard next?

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