Sunday, August 23, 2009


August 22nd was a great and fun day. My dear husband accompanied me to his first protest party. The crowds, the signs, the honking of cars coming by - none of that was new to me, but I could tell he was amazed how civil, orderly and polite everyone was. Of course reading all the signs is always fun and often leads to conversations with strangers. We met up also with some friends we knew. But then we noticed that the "opposition" was present also, in very small numbers I have to add. I estimate there were about 2000 protesters and maybe 20 pro Obamacare. It was interesting to see that the signs from the protesters were all homemade, unique, interesting and funny. The anti protester's signs all had light blue backing, were all the same shape and pretty much all said the same thing. Very boring, but what it told me was that they were organized and paid for, compared to us mobsters.

We had several speakers, met with a candidate running for Governor, Mike Bouchard, spent some time with our State Representative Gail Haines, and various other friends. We had an interesting conversation with a gentlemen from Joshua Trail. This was the second time I met a principal from that radio show. Joshua's Trail airs Saturday and Sunday mornings on the AM channel 1400. These guys are amazing. Don't you dare refer to them as African-Americans, no, they are Americans just like you and me. They get it, they understand that the past is past and that we need to move forward, they also get that the country is currently on the wrong course and they are desperately trying to get the message across to their own community. A great bunch of guys and an honor to talk to them. If you get a chance, google Joshua's Trail.
Enjoy the video from this event that I "borrowed" from Dennis Pittman. Thanks, Dennis.

I also keep noticing that there still are so many folks that don't know what is really going on. Often I get asked how do you find out about these tea parties? Or where can I get more information? But at the end of the day, they are supporters of the protesters, we just need to find and educate them.
Finally, just before we were about to leave, an old lady, probably in her 80s, dressed in a frilly dress, donning a lovely yellow flower hat got out of a car, and just before she bounced away I notied that she was on oxygen. What an inspiration, nothing was stopping her to get right in the middle of the action.

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