Friday, August 21, 2009



This information is cross referenced from the American Libery Alliance.
Most people don’t know this, but Senator Jim DeMint succeeded in passing procedural votes (one by unanimous consent) which bind the Senate to filibuster (60 vote) rules rather than the simple majority requirement of the reconciliation process. Therefore, without Republican complicity and votes, Obama Care would likely be dead in the Senate.

What the negotiating Republican Senators do will determine the end game. The Senators who have the power to see Obama pass or fail are Grassley (IA), Enzi (WY), Snowe (ME), Collins (ME), Graham (SC) and Bennett (UT). These six Senators should stop negotiating a compromise and let this monstrosity die.

So after the Recess Rally, you should take the following action steps:

-Visit, call and email YOUR Rep/Senator
-Call and email the six Senators listed above
-Write letters to your local editor and mention the six Senators
-Post reminders about the six on your Facebook, Twitter and social media profiles
-Post reminders about the six on your blog
-E-mail your friends and family and explain the details about these six Senators
-Contact the RNC/GOP and demand they put pressure on the six Senators

We The People employ these elected Senators. It’s our job to demand they do their jobs and look out for the interest of America.

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